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Edit Current Sale Information

After you have created a New Sale, it’s easy to go in and edit that sale’s basic information and non-horse pages. First log into your account and then choose My Sales from the top menu. Click the Edit Current Sale Information button.


Tab 1 - Basic Info

The initial view will be for the first tab, Basic Info, where sale information is entered. Once you enter your information and save, additional options to customize your sale will appear.

Sale Information

On the left hand side of the Basic Info Tab, use the entry boxes to type in the basic sale information such as dates, location, contact information, etc. This information can be edited throughout your catalog production process. After all basic sale information has been entered, scroll down and click the Save Sale Info button at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Your New Sale is not actually created until you hit the Save Sale Info button at the bottom of the Basic Info tab screen. If you fail to click the Save Sale button, you will have to create the sale again. After saving, the Basic Info tab screen will refresh and you can continue to complete the steps listed below.


If your sale requires more than one session, use the Add Sessions button to add the name, describe the sessions (example: Breeding Stock Session (optional)), provide a date and time (optional) & choose the pedigree type for that specific session.

Note: If sessions are used, a sale session must be assigned to every sale horse in the sale horse management part of the program, so that when the sale is hip numbered, the horses are placed into the correct session.

Change pedigree type

You can change one session or your entire sale to a more comprehensive pedigree type. You have a Basic sale started and want to change to Paragraph Full? Just change your session catalog type, save, and click the Rebuild Session button next to the session you are changing. If you don't have sessions, you will see one session called "Main" and you would want to use this "Main" session to change the pedigree type.

Note: You can only change "up" to a more comprehensive pedigree type; for example you can't change from Paragraph Full to Basic, but you can change from Basic to Paragraph Full.


Tab 2 - App Info and Builder 

Build App Listings

Using the RGP Catalog Builder gives you the opportunity to bring your catalog into the 21st Century on the popular RGP Catalog App, meaning your customers can not only use the catalog on their iPads or Android tablets, but they can also carry it in a shirt pocket on their phones! Loading the catalog onto the RGP Catalog App is a simple and quick process using the App Info and Builder tab. Please see the App Builder instruction page for more detailed information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only submit your catalog to the RGP Catalog App ONCE, as subsequent submissions will not present properly on the app. Therefore, please make sure your catalog is 100% finished before you click Build App Listings.

Note: Once the sale has been posted on the app, it will stay live for 60 days. After 60 days, your sale will be removed from the RGP Catalog App.

Note: RGP will examine and approve the sale before it is made live on the Catalog App; this usually requires no more than 24 hours, if the catalog is submitted during working hours.

Managing Rotating Ads on the RGP Catalog App

RGP offers a banner ad manager for your app. You are easily able to control the content and location of Catalog App ads your customers may be interested in purchasing, or you can use the ad space for your own sale company. Please see the App Builder instruction page for more detailed information.


Tab 3 - Internet Sale Preview

Notes Column on Internet Sale Preview

The program defaults to hide the Catalog Notes from being presented on the main page of the Internet Sale Preview. Any Catalog Notes entered will be shown on the preview pedigree, accessed by clicking a horse in the Horse Name column. If you wish to have a column for Notes on the main Internet Sale Preview page, click the Show Catalog Notes Column on Internet Sale Presentation option and Save Sale Info.

Customizing Sale Preview Colors

The Internet Sale Preview will display your sale information. It will look similiar to the Horse List section shown on the My Sales screen once you have begun adding consignments.

By customizing the Sale Preview colors, you can match the color of your Sale Preview to the colors on your current website. 

You can set the color of the row background, even and odd rows, text, and the "hover" colors for both text and rows. "Hover" means: when a user holds the cursor over text or a row in the Sale Preview, that text or row background color will change to the color you have specified in those settings. This lets a user know which horse is being selected.

To change any of the colors, simply click on the colored box directly to the right of each option. A color selector will pop-up on your screen, giving you the option to either choose a basic color on the left, use the color selection window to create a custom color, or enter in the RGB values of the color you wish to use. When using the color selection window, simply drag the cross-hairs cursor around to pick a color, then use the white to black slider to the right of that box to adjust how light or dark the color should be.

Once you have your color selected, click the OK button, or click Cancel if you do not wish to change the color.

Choosing\Uploading Logo

Adding the sale logo to an existing sale is simple and straight forward. From the Internet Sale Preview tab, click the Choose File button on either the Upload Sale Company Logo or the Upload Sponsor Logo box. A file browser window will pop-up and you can choose your sale logo from the files stored on your computer. The file name will show to the right of the Choose File button. After you see your file name, click the Upload Sale Logo button directly below the Choose File button, then click Save Sale Info at the bottom of the screen. You will see a preview of the logo on the right hand side of the screen.

File Type and Sizes: The RGP system will accept either JPG or PNG files up to 500px wide. It does not accept PDF files.

Note: Your file will not be uploaded until you hit the Upload Sale Logo button. Once the file has successfully uploaded, the image will be displayed to the right of the screen.

Send Final Pages to Internet

Click here when the sale is totally complete. When Send Final Pages to Internet is clicked, this will make the pages live to view from the Internet Sale Preview and on the RGP Catalog App. This is a requried step. Until Send Final Pages to Internet is clicked, a preview pedigree including horse information, family tree, produce record, performance record, and notes will show on the Internet Sale Preview.

Once you have entered in the basic sale information, scroll to the bottom of the tabbed section and click the Save Sale Info button at the bottom of the page. Once you have saved your new sale, you can go back any time to edit or update the information by clicking Edit Current Sale Information from the My Sales screen.