SALE: UF Spring Horse Sale 2021
LOCATION: University of Findlay Western Farm
SALE DATE: 5/1/2021 through 5/1/2021
SALE CONTACT: Spencer Zimmerman
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Dam's Sire
Photo Video
1 3/7/2017 Bay G Goodcowboymargarita Lookin Exceptional Exceptional Look Click For Video
2 1/25/2017 Sorrel M Sudden Instinct I Like Being Hot Zippo Hot Pine Click For Video
3 4/20/2019 Brown F Elvis On Impulse Invys Only Star Invitation Only Click For Video
4 4/10/2016 Sorrel M Thecrowdlovesme Talk About The Storm Talk About This Click For Video
5 1/1/2018 Chestnut M Alex Nhh Butterfingers Bva New Treasure Tof Click For Video
6 4/24/2018 Bay M Sophistication Only Seriously Shirley Only In The Moonlite G. Larry Murfitt Click For Video
7 4/1/2011 Sorrel M Charlie Hilfiger Be Dirty Dirty Sonny Click For Video
8 5/23/2014 Red Dun G Corchas Oak Spin N Rein Definitly A Dunit Click For Video
9 5/2/2018 Sorrel G A Dream Remembered Absolutely Punctual Absolute Investment Yancey Walker Click For Video
10 4/7/2019 Bay F Rooster Sparks Grace Times Ten Bucks Dusty Ace Kim Raddatz Click For Video
11 3/8/2010 Sorrel G Chic Tommy Wranglers Rein Dance Wranglers War Leo Click For Video
12 5/6/2019 Chestnut F Love To Hotrod Sheza Dynamic Image Dynamic In The Dark Tom Moore Click For Video
13 1/1/2014 Sorrel Overo M Scenic Royal Flush (P) Moon Riva Encoriva (TB) Michael Fox Click For Video
14 4/17/2017 Sorrel G Kissin The Girls Is She Zippin Zippo Jack Bar Click For Video
15 3/24/2019 Bay G RL Best Of Sudden Hot Little Mama Blazing Hot Tom Moore Click For Video
16 1/1/2017 Bay Overo M Hang Ten Surprize Miss Diamond Jane (P) Like A Diamond (P) Jack Poli Click For Video
17 5/18/2014 Chestnut Overo M Gunnysbigenterprise Miss Doc Enterprise Be Aech Enterprise Steve Howard Click For Video
18 1/1/2018 Brown Dun M Mid's Jordart Danica Donovan Click For Video
19 3/24/2014 Bay M The Invitation Send Money Honey Qh Paint Me Zippo Click For Video
20 3/13/2018 Sorrel M The Kids Gotta Gun Dun It Skeets Way Skeets Peppy Tracy Reynolds Click For Video
21 5/29/2018 Sorrel M A Dream Remembered My Zippo Rose Mr Big Zipper Yancey Walker Click For Video
22 4/15/2010 Bay M Einsteins Revolution La Vaquera Legend The Major Legend Click For Video
23 1/8/2002 Brown G Awesome Mister Te Hug N Kiss A Chip Zips Chocolate Chip Click For Video
24 4/9/2016 Red Roan G Blue One Time DMAC Spoons Kitty Hes A Peptospoonful Click For Video
25 1/1/2017 Cremello M Cfr Centenario Wimpy Steady Gun (P) Smokin Silver Bullet (P) Jack Poli Click For Video
26 1/1/2018 Chestnut G Unbridled Energy (TB) For Your Enjoyment (TB) Quiet Enjoyment (TB) David Thompson Click For Video
28 4/22/2008 Blue Roan G TH Saint Bb Snippy Cat Walking X Hancock Val Deane Click For Video
29 3/1/2017 Bay G Batt Man So Figer It Out Charlie Hilfiger Click For Video
30 1/1/2014 Chestnut M Sternwachter Martini Nordtirol Click For Video
31 1/1/2017 Chestnut Overo M Extremely Hot Chips TC Girls Night Out (P) Hbf Iron Man (P) Click For Video
33 3/4/2017 Brown M Elvis On Impulse Invys Only Star Invitation Only Click For Video
34 4/9/2010 Sorrel M Little Catalena Lenas Tanquery Mr Santio Click For Video
35 5/12/2009 Gray M HR Peppys Cowboy Just Watch Shilo Pondie Shilo Click For Video
36 2/5/2017 Sorrel M One N Only So Sweetly Chexed Zippo Pine Chex Click For Video
37 2/11/2015 Brown G Dgs Indygo Dixie View (TB) Explicit Click For Video
38 5/4/2017 Bay M The Ultimate Of Lazy Chocolate Keepsake Chips Hot Chocolate Click For Video