SALE: Lonestar Stockyards
LOCATION: Lonestar Stockyards
SALE DATE: 10/9/2021 through 10/9/2021
SALE CONTACT: Taylor Paige

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Dam's Sire
Photo Video
1 2017 Red Dun G Trapper Cat Triumphant Boogielee Okies Triumph Darren Clark Click Here
2 2016 Gray G Famous Beduino Babbitt Drifts Anita Babbitt Drift Dale Nace Click Here
3 2011 Buckskin G Dickie Mcintosh Click Here
4 2014 Sorrel M Mr Playinstylish Ginnin Stoli Stoli Addie Davis Click Here
5 2016 Sorrel G Pistol Packin Badger Krogs Roan Leo Lita Krogs Poco Pine Tyler Thomas Click Here
6 2020 Bay S Vvf Bacas Night Glo Tfr Genuine Miss Gritty Little Badger Don Nelson Click Here
7 2010 Gray G Jackie Bee Melody Snips Red Rose Luckys Ace Of Hearts Eloy Marquez Click Here
8 2010 Gray G Shawn Kennedy Click Here
9 2019 Blue Roan F High Plains Ruthless High Plains Bonnie (P) Call Him Classy (P) Amy Pierce Click Here
10 2015 Sorrel G Colonel Kai Cola CK Stylish San Oak Stylish 2000 Cody Heck Click Here
11 2013 Buckskin G Red Cartel Cisco Jamie PC Cisco Frost Jd Jellison Click Here
12 2014 Bay G Dusty Artz Click Here
13 2017 Palomino G Colonel Kai Cola Ms Becaco Jone Play Jimmy Too Tyler Terry Click Here
14 2016 Bay Roan G Mr Cat Hancock WWR Buck Hancock Val Buck Hancock King Jake Lagrone Click Here
15 2012 Bay G Justa Pinch Peppy Docs Pep Olena Smartest Little Pep Marshall Long Click Here
16 2012 Brown M Jaycee Fiddle Ms Wing King Poco James King Chad Proffitt Click Here
17 2017 Sorrel G ARC Little Rey In One Instant Sr Instant Choice Heath Hatfield Click Here
18 2019 Bay Mare M High Plains Ruthless Chickashas Pep Mr Chickasha Lena Ted Pierce Click Here
19 2019 Dun G Memorable Revolution Commanders Lil Queen Hesa Busy Commander Reid And Diana Anderson Click Here
20 2016 Gray G Fiestas Gotta Gun Smart Moneys Music First Smart Money Jd And Sarah Long Click Here
21 2009 Bay M Leo Hayes Pig Creek Lafemmes Darlin Dooleys Cowboy Ethan Roucloux Click Here
22 2019 Gray G Guns Loaded Bonnies Lil Worrior Ricco King Hancock Al Tieman Click Here
23 2013 Dun G Wizard Of Highbrowoz Shes So Blue Lobo Blue Colt Cleavinger Click Here
24 2012 Gray G High Marked Hankins Magic Girl Hankins Quixote Kagen Pillars Click Here
25 2018 Buckskin G Little Poco Diamonds Hancocks Deep Huggin Deep Creek Hancock Gideon Peterson Click Here
26 2020 Dun S Mr Red Wing Rosewood Chips Blackwood Twice Dave Hermanson Click Here
27 2020 Gray S Illuminators Totonka Minni Maid Little Blue Haze Dave Hermanson Click Here
28 2020 Gray S Illuminators Totonka JK Easter Ginger Buck The System King Dave Hermanson Click Here
29 2013 Red Roan G Utah Eicke Click Here
30 2015 Sorrel G Boy Boon Smokin Baby Lynx Smokin Reward Eloy Marquez Click Here
31 2017 Buckskin G Csr Dual Glo Rondos Lucky Time Hes Dun His Time Kale Lane Click Here
32 2013 Red Roan G Kros Classy Sam Sonitas Painted Coin (P) Sonitas Smoke Blake Pennington Click Here
33 2016 Grulla G Mr Dulces 0201 Four Blue 092 Figure Four Fritz Dave Mcintosh Click Here
34 2007 Palomino G Garrett Mccargish Click Here
35 2012 Sorrel G Pepcid TRR Miss Playboy 055 Freckles Playboy Bubba And Madison Garcia Click Here
36 2010 Sorrel G Doc Bar Villa Nellie Blue Pac Pacific Bailey Dean Warren Click Here
37 2016 Red Roan G Mrh Bullys Valentine Sweet Talkin Blond Peponita Blue Shadow Spin Edwards Click Here
38 2019 Gray G Metallic Gray Skye Goldseeker Herman Goldseeker Jd Jellison Click Here
39 2020 Sorrel S Tfr E Man Ul Just Streakin Gal Stripped Gears Don Nelson Click Here
40 2018 Bay G Spots Hot High Style Travalin Travalena Ryan Wakefield Click Here
41 2019 Black S Poco Rey Bar Mrs Hancock Pistol Pocos Bar Pistol Dave Hermanson Click Here
42 2020 Black S Kings Lucky Breeze Perty Lady Susie Mr Blackburn Deuce Dave Hermanson Click Here
43 2020 Gray S Greedy Azure Blue Jewel Baby Blue Hancock Star Dave Hermanson Click Here
44 2013 Red Roan G Metallic Cat Lil Wilma Wilsons Lil Freckles Dennis And Shelley Sherwood Click Here
45 2013 Sorrel G Chex My Silks Lowes Foxey Judy Docs J Jay Sprat Tyler Thomas Click Here
46 2013 Sorrel G Playboys Buck Fever Spratts Five N Eight Ricksha Doc Dale Nace Click Here
47 2015 Buckskin Tobiano G Elizabeth Lopez Click Here
48 2007 Gray M Cache Country Hairpin Red Easter Valentine Red Rogers Gary Lohman Click Here
49 2015 Red Dun G Stylin Roo Trained In Hollywood Dun It On The Train Efrain Corales Click Here
51 2018 Red Roan M Bet Hesa Cat Ez Bell Star Peptos Starfish E Z Cattle Co Click Here
52 2015 Red Roan G Kade Hays Click Here
53 2007 Buckskin G El Taur Dot Miss Bueno Steel Poco Discount 2000 Dave Hermanson Click Here
54 2019 Bay G Poco Blackburn Chip Blackburn Dixie Chic Blackburn Pine Buck Dave Hermanson Click Here
55 2020 Bay G Kings Lucky Breeze Miss Dakota Bonnet Poco Dakota Buck Dave Hermanson Click Here
56 2014 Sorrel G Lenas Jewel Gris Sociable Gal Sociable Hagan Tucker Lehman Click Here
57 2011 Bay G Bill Martin Click Here
58 2003 Sorrel G Johnny Roan Power Scolders Valentine Peppys Scolder Travis Chester Click Here
59 2009 Paint G Raul Gomez Jr Click Here
60 2017 Chestnut G Mamas Money Talks That Pretty Cat Pretty Boy Cat Jd And Sarah Long Click Here
61 2017 Bay G Ross Creek Diablo Ross Creek Panda Rio Money Talks Bill Herring Click Here
62 2017 Sorrel G Louis The Cat Ginnin Dual Kit Dual Brad Booze Click Here
63 2018 Bay Roan G Dave Hermanson Click Here
64 2019 Red Roan G Dave Hermanson Click Here
65 2020 Gray G Dave Hermanson Click Here
66 2016 Palomino G Codie Brown Click Here
67 2017 Bay G Boonlights Merada Tenina Safari Playin Safari Ty Gatlin Click Here
68 2018 Blue Roan G Mt Blue Shiner Sneaky Drifter Blue Lander Hancock Cody Vega Click Here
69 2011 Sorrel M Dave Hermanson Click Here
70 2017 Sorrel G Sons CD Dunit Rush Dunits Jacket Seth Seiler Click Here
71 2019 Dun G Memorable Revolution The Flamin Whizard Hollywood Vintage Reid And Diana Anderson Click Here
72 2017 Bay G Jacy Long Click Here
73 2021 Buckskin M Greedy Azure Hqh Pretty Nifty Niftys Queen Bee Dave Hermanson Click Here
74 2021 Blue Roan M Greedy Azure Miss Jr Onyx Bert Jr Onyx Bar Dave Hermanson Click Here
75 2021 Gray M Greedy Azure Poco Buck Rey Poco Red Rey Comet Dave Hermanson Click Here
76 2021 Gray M Greedy Azure Lady Fiery Casino Corona Fire Dave Hermanson Click Here
77 2010 Palomino G Dusty Artz Click Here
78 2010 Palomino G Graves Performance Horses Click Here
79 2017 Gray M Roy Hampton Click Here
80 2012 Sorrel G Boon San Tanquery Future Tanquery Gin Heath Hatfield Click Here
81 2018 Sorrel G Thomas E Hughes Nitas Barbara Nitas Wood Tyler Terry Click Here
82 2018 Red Dun G Rjc Wilywood Drift Wilywoods Pauline Wilywood Steve Lewis Click Here
83 2010 Blue Roan M La San Peppy 313 Jimslittlesidewinder Buck's Top Buck Dale Nace Click Here
84 2018 Gray M Out Of The Shotgun St Patricks Serrita Woods Colonel Jd Jellison Click Here
85 2015 Sorrel G Freckles Crowbar Ima Lil Doc Bar Sanman Badger Cody Lewis Click Here
86 2004 Sorrel M BP CD Olena Mgs Miss Megan Go Kona Coffee Gold Clint Jackson Click Here
87 2019 Sorrel M Jorge Derecho Linda Loner Lone Star Leroy Edward Fernandez Click Here
88 2017 Bay Roan G Plenty Blue Royal Rosie Blueberry Plenty Blueberry Eloy Marquez Click Here
89 2012 Bay M Bars A Rockin Cas Really Stallena Sylvester Stallena Manuel Dominguez Click Here
90 2016 Bay G Osage Spirit (P) CJ Tag Your It (P) Dr Nick Bar Addie Davis Click Here
91 2018 Appaloosa G Ashley Fairhurst Click Here
92 2015 Sorrel M One Time Royalty Spots On My Tummy Spots Hot Ike Good Click Here
93 2016 Black G Mr Dulces 0201 Miss Diamond A 0507 A Blue Hancock Dave Mcintosh Click Here
94 2011 Sorrel G Purrfect Stoli Man Reys Play Playdox Garrett Mccargish Click Here
95 2013 Red Roan G Chance Gainer Click Here
96 2018 Buckskin G Dewey Hill Click Here
97 2013 Palomino M Spin Edwards Click Here
98 2005 Brown G Genuine Mr Amigo Peps Rodeo Playgirl Peppys Skip Bar Kale Lane Click Here
99 2020 Dun M King Little Bit Poco Miss Pecas Dry N Freckles Ty Gatlin Click Here
100 2020 Gray M Greedy Azure Sacred Roman Sacred Badger Dave Hermanson Click Here
101 2020 Dun M Greedy Azure Peppys Perty Cowlady Perty Doc Jay Dave Hermanson Click Here
102 2020 Blue Roan M Blue Kat Hancock Wyos Blue Ribbon Rare Bars Blue Boon Dave Hermanson Click Here
103 2017 Bay Roan G Genuine Dudad Nita Golightly Nitas Wood Ky Finck Click Here
104 2015 Sorrel G Streakin Hotrod Red Bach Bar Roan Feature Jimmie Fitzgerald Click Here
105 2014 Palomino G Easy Continental Cash Dollys Chex Cash Fritz Chex Bar C Livestock Click Here
106 2011 Palomino G Eloy Marquez Click Here
107 2019 Dun leopard G Smooth Aagent Dirty Diamond Peach His Dirty Dealer Codie Brown Click Here
108 2015 Bay G Mike Butler Click Here
109 2013 Sorrel G Mr Jess Charger Aurora Star 08 (TB) Buddha (TB) Dale Nace Click Here
110 2016 Sorrel G Starlight N Spurs Flow N High Brow High Brow Hickory Jd And Sarah Long Click Here
111 2014 Palomino G Tyler Terry Click Here
113 2015 Sorrel M Rockin W Desire Some Shine Shining Spark Roy Hampton Click Here
114 2019 Bay G Little Daba Poco Harlans Lil Rocket Harlans Rocket Man Eugene Corales Click Here
115 2017 Buckskin G Dave Hermanson Click Here
116 2018 Bay Roan G Dave Hermanson Click Here
117 2019 Red Dun G Dave Hermanson Click Here
118 2011 Bay G Dave Hermanson Click Here
119 2014 Gray M South Texas Acre Grand Benito Champ Benito Pat Star Melissa Couture Click Here
120 2019 Sorrel M Tms Little Peppy TR Lisa Rey Sdp TR Tari Rey Roger Brandt Click Here
121 2017 Gray G Roosters Diamonds Blue Or Silver Tee J Thirsty Silver Colt Cleavinger Click Here
122 2015 Palomino G Gilberto Lopez Click Here
123 2020 Palomino M Tfr E Man Ul Tfr Miss Grit Gritty Little Badger Don Nelson Click Here
124 2015 Buckskin G Tyler Thomas Click Here
125 2018 Red Roan G Royal Caesar Boon Cut N Shoot Acres Abrakadabracre Al Tieman Click Here
126 2010 Sorrel G Cds And Diamonds La San Hatchet Little Canoso Mitch Reeves Click Here
127 2018 Chestnut G Flingin Wonders KR Miss Kitty First Place Dash Dave Mcintosh Click Here
128 2019 Palomino G Jr Lucky Wilywood Ima Tivio Angel Ima Grullo Tivio Rex Zieman Click Here
129 2011 Sorrel G Brady Smith Click Here
130 2019 Black M Juan Enrique Click Here
131 2019 Bay Roan G Ismal Ontiveros Click Here
132 2016 Sorrel G Peptos Rapper Minime Swinging Lil Switch Lil Swinging Hickory Tyler And Brittany Huguley Click Here
133 2017 Sorrel M Not Ruf At All Little Baby Steps Wimpys Little Step Cody Ivey Click Here
134 2017 Palomino G Steve Lewis Click Here
135 2020 Red Dun M Huerfano River Blue Natural Ginger Oil Natural Enterprise Durrett Cattle Click Here
136 2014 Bay G Chanlee Pennington Click Here
137 2017 Sorrel M Jorge Derecho Lil Hickory Rey High Brow Hickory Edward Fernandez Click Here
138 2013 Chestnut G Juniper Fizz JP Sugar Freckles Colonel Zippo Pine Blake Pennington Click Here
139 2017 Chestnut M Water Dually Ricochet Pam Smart Lil Ricochet Gideon Peterson Click Here
140 2010 Grulla M Eye M Dun Winning Mercedes Benz Rocket Mercedes Benz 7634 Clint Jackson Click Here
141 2016 Sorrel G Kit Kat Sugar Lightning Lil Dulce Smart Little Lena Kagen Pillars Click Here
142 2016 Palomino G Paddys Yellow Doc Bc Bonnies Cat Little Freckles Cat Juan Enriquez Click Here
143 2020 Sorrel G Spryo Legendary Chances A Time For Legends Theodore Wright Click Here
144 2014 Chocolate Palomino G Rankin Proffitt Click Here
145 2017 Bay G Master Kaweah Jetas Smoking Ticket With All Probability Cody Pool Click Here
147 2011 Gray G Garrett Seick Click Here
148 2010 Chestnut G Vv King Cat Pop A Top Hickory Yubasan Manuel Dominguez Click Here
149 2019 Palomino G Frenchmans Hero LS Leozan Blue Zan Parr Jackie Smith Click Here
150 2014 Sorrel M Demonstrative Nickle Phone 01 (TB) Phone Prince (TB) Jayde Van Oort Click Here
151 2018 Bay M Peppy Star Catcher Amarillos Playgirl Amarillos Playboy Miranda Vargas Click Here
152 2016 Sorrel G Watch Four Gray Four Loves Money Snickelfritz Chex Travis Sheets Click Here
153 2015 Buckskin Tobiano G Eloy Marquez Click Here
154 2018 Sorrel G Hickory Quickry Yuba Skeetonita Skeeto Nifty Bars Bill Herring Click Here
155 2014 Chestnut G Von Royal Jiggers Bimbo Jiggers Peponita Tucker Lehman Click Here
156 2015 Bay Roan G Cee Booger Rojo Lil Sugar Candy Lil Peppys Sugar Bar Dennis Brazee Click Here
157 2009 Sorrel G Sophisticated Catt Imr Prairie Rose Badgers Trophy Codie Brown Click Here
158 2013 Palomino G JJ Redbuck Peppys Ice Seven Diamonds Red Clay Mecklenburg Click Here
159 2014 Sorrel G Graves Performance Horses Click Here
160 2014 Bay G Mitch Reeves Click Here
161 2011 Gray G Ubaldo Favdoa Click Here
162 2015 Bay Roan G Hairpin Sure Is Blue Rawhide Resort Babe Popular Resortfigure Jd Jellison Click Here
163 2018 Buckskin G Tough San Cisco Easy Irish Lena Doc Olena Gold Al Tieman Click Here
164 2017 Sorrel G Sugar Poco Buddy Mdp Young Annie Cole B Younger Daniel Gonzalez Click Here
165 2015 Sorrel G Mike Butler Click Here
166 2017 Buckskin Tobiano G Risky Quest (P) Tfr Miss Baca Vvf Bacas Night Glo Don Nelson Click Here
167 2015 Black G Perschbacher Ranch Click Here
168 2010 Paint G Pat Britten Click Here
169 2016 Palomino G Gritty Little Badger Prairie Royal Peppy Docs Prairie Oak Rafter H Ranch Click Here
170 2011 Sorrel G Ashley Fairhurst Click Here
171 2012 Gray G Sam Martin Click Here
172 2012 Bay G Tees Lucky Poco Smart Lil Stretch Smart Double Trouble Graves Performance Horses Click Here
173 2015 Palomino M All Eyes On Jack Eyes On Sugar Eyes On Dude Melissa Couture Click Here
174 2017 Dun G Tivio Rocket Poco TRR Nurse Paisono Paseos Paisano Ismal Ontiveros Click Here
175 2016 Black G Smarty Little Boon Miss Kitty Newton Double Newton Kade Flowers Click Here
176 2019 Red Roan M Spin Edwards Click Here
177 2013 Sorrel G Frenchmans Sundown Litta Cash The Adamas Juan Lule Click Here
178 2009 Sorrel G Da Red Chic AR Colonels Cody Echo Country O Lea Mike Colantonio Click Here
179 2009 Bay Roan G Bailey Peterson Click Here
180 2005 Sorrel M Codied Bingo Oro Gay Quixote Quixote Mac Jeffery O'connor Click Here
181 2016 Buckskin G Peptos Rapper Minime Yellowpocodotoftexas Yellow Roan Of Texas Ky Finck Click Here
182 2013 Buckskin G Hall Sippy Click Here
183 2012 Sorrel G Dewey Hill Click Here
184 2004 Dun M Highplayin Subscriptions Benji Docs Subscription Paul Smith Click Here
185 2015 Sorrel G Kalli Reed Click Here
186 2013 Bay G PG Shogun Dancing Me Docs Busy Bret Burrus Click Here
187 2018 Sorrel G Frost Jet CK Country Beauty TW Country Driftwood Carson Crites Click Here
188 2018 Buckskin G Pocos Corduroy Boy Massingill Poco 2012 Massingill Valentine Miezel Mendoza Click Here
189 2016 Sorrel G German Hernandez Click Here
190 2007 Bay G Twb Solano Cielo Twb Gay Cash Valentivio Brandon Burton Click Here
192 2011 Gray G Mitch Reeves Click Here
193 2019 Chestnut G Brady Smith Click Here
194 2013 Bay G Blake Pennington Click Here
195 2014 Chestnut S Rey Dual Playgirl Fancy Grays Starlight Roberto Perez Click Here
196 2010 Sorrel G Kagen Pillars Click Here
197 2015 Sorrel G Wade Collins Click Here
198 2009 Buckskin M Graves Performance Horses Click Here
199 2017 Bay G Colonel Kai Cola Pitchfork Maggie Peppy Uh Huh Madison Garcia Click Here
200 2011 Sorrel G Jesus Lopez Click Here
201 2016 Bay G Chex My Silks Ada Brown Tax Shuttle Juan Enriquez Click Here
202 2016 Dun G Jack Walker Click Here
203 2011 Sorrel M First Refusal Pams Piece Of Pie Pie In The Sky Sami Rabas Click Here
204 2019 Red Roan M Smart Corn WB Madonna San Madonna Chad Schoonover Click Here
205 2009 Chestnut G Roberto Estrada Click Here
206 2005 Sorrel M Ky Gripp Click Here