SALE: 2020 Sale in the Swamp
LOCATION: Online Auction w/ Affinity Auctions
SALE DATE: 5/9/2020 through 5/16/2020
SALE CONTACT: Angela Chandler
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Dam's Sire
Photo Video
1 2018 Sorrel C Guthrie City Limits Roan Peponita Girl Peponita Skip Shi Click Here
2 2018 Sorrel G Cats Moonshine Ill Check Her Out Peppy Badger Chex Click Here
3 2018 Sorrel F Cats Moonshine Flyn Badger Dove Fly N Badger Chex Click Here
4 2018 Bay G Cats Moonshine UF Sixes Nick Sixes Pick Click Here
5 2018 Bay F Sixes Country UF Amazinly Tuff Amazin Appraisin Click Here
6 2018 Bay G Sixes Pick Loving Or Leaving Mr Sparkle Bar Click Here
7 2018 Red Dun G Guns R For Shootin Bonita Bacardi Bonitas Champion Click Here
8 2018 Red Dun G Guns R For Shootin Jacs Smart Attack Great Jac 91 Click Here
9 2018 Bay G Ie Reason Riptide 02 (TB) Gold Case 94 (TB) Click Here
10 2018 Bay F Skys Blue Bently Dress The Part Coats N Tails Click Here
11 2018 Bay F Machine Made Harleywood Star Decks First Winner Click Here
12 2018 Bay F Machine Made RL Sudden N Spice A Sudden Impulse Click Here
13 2018 Sorrel G Extremely Hot Chips What An Invitation A Good Machine Click Here
14 2018 Bay G How Bout This Cowboy Im Potentially Yours Potential Investment Click Here
15 2018 Sorrel G Blazing Hot Chocolate Truffletta Zips Chocolate Chip Click Here
16 2018 Bay F Strutin On The Range A Light Investment Investment Asset Click Here