SALE: 2024 Heritage Place Winter Mixed Sale
LOCATION: Heritage Place
SALE DATE: 1/18/2024 through 1/20/2024
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Dam's Sire
1 /27/2021 Gray F Chicks Regard Luna Santee Shake Em Open Double LL Farms, Agent
2 /21/2017 Bay M Freighttrain B Six Gun Teri Fishers Dash Phillip D. Tillman, Jr.
3 /1/2020 Sorrel G Game Patriot Miss Jess Rogue Mr Jess Perry Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent for Jf Racing Stables, LLC
4 /30/2020 Sorrel F FDD Dynasty Higher Noon First Moonflash Roger Daly, Agent
5 /4/2023 Gray F Gold Heart Eagle V Good Candy Curves Jess Good Candy Bielau Oaks, Agent
6 /18/2021 Brown C Docs Best Card Boogie Special Strawfly Special Dunn Ranch, Agent
7 /17/2023 Sorrel C Valiant Hero Lethal Perry Mr Jess Perry Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
8 /16/2022 Sorrel F FDD Dynasty Oh Cherokee Rose Stoli Royal Vista Ranch, LLC, Agent for Jose Cervantes
9 /19/2019 Sorrel G One Sweet Jess Rumpled Britches Royaltys Choice Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
10 /9/2023 Sorrel F Teller Cartel Rite On Time Favorite Cartel Lp Ranch, Agent for Haras Portofino
11 /5/2020 Bay G Apollitical Jess Fly Miss Corona Corona Cartel Cavenaugh Quarter Horses, LLC
12 /5/2010 Sorrel M One Famous Eagle Nonanon First Down Dash Bielau Oaks, Agent
13 /26/2014 Sorrel M One Dashing Eagle Fearless Freda Dash For Cash Robicheaux Ranch, Inc., Agent
14 /2/2021 Sorrel F FDD Dynasty Big Bizooms Shazoom Dreams Come True Ranch
15 /8/2018 Chestnut G I See Visions Acorn In The Grove Oak Tree Special Bielau Oaks, Agent
17 /1/2021 Sorrel F Apollitical Blood Mountain Straw Panther Mountain Marty Powers, Agent
18 /3/2021 Sorrel G Tf Im That Guy Ms Maggies First First Down Jewel S & E Sales Prepping, Agent for Horse Power Management
19 /24/2020 Sorrel F Eye Am King Jr Rock Star Fantastic Corona Jr Jordan Wiggins, Agent for MJ Farms
20 /11/2023 Bay F Flying Cowboy 123 Diva Eleanor Bigtime Favorite Granada Farms, Agent
21 /23/2020 Sorrel C Valiant Hero My Famous Lady One Famous Eagle Red River Equine, Agent
22 /20/2023 Brown C Docs Best Card Apollitical News Apollitical Jess Craig Lauger
23 /30/2021 Bay F KVN Corona Lethal Class Tres Seis Marty Powers, Agent
24 /24/2021 Bay G FDD Dynasty Time For Jess Apollitical Jess Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
25 /18/2021 Bay G Docs Best Card Maddies Special Turf Strawfly Special Dunn Ranch, Agent
26 //2024 A Revenant Straw Flying Lady Strawfly Special Rick Beck, DVM
27 /21/2023 Brown C Dulce Sin Tacha Dee Favorite Girl Favorite Cartel Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent for The Mixer Ranch
28 /12/2014 Bay M Valiant Hero FM Future Dreams Feature Mr Jess Shamrock Ranch (Tom Maher)
29 /6/2010 Bay M Jess Louisiana Blue Corona Cash First Down Dash Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
30 /21/2016 Gray M One Sweet Jess Miss Racy Eyes Mr Eye Opener Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
31 /9/2009 Sorrel M Teller Cartel Dashing Folly First Down Dash Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent for Bird Ranch & Oil, Lp
32 /24/2020 Brown G FDD Dynasty Jess Sass Me Mr Jess Perry Marty Powers, Agent
33 /30/2022 Sorrel F One Famous Eagle Fancy First Prize Desirio Granada Farms, Agent for Dylan Burns
34 /23/2021 Sorrel G One Fabulous Eagle Royalclassic Express A Classic Dash Vista Equine Colorado, LLC, Agent for Barron Racing, LLC
35 /9/2010 Brown M No Secrets Here Beat Your Pants Off Six Fols Marty Powers, Agent
36 /23/2021 Sorrel G Down N Dash Im Jess Quick Mr Jess Perry Granada Farms, Agent for Pete A. Scarmardo
37 /6/2020 Bay G Five Bar Cartel Dash Home Deb Strawfly Special Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
38 /4/2021 Gray F KVN Corona Trendi Stoli Red River Equine, Agent
39 /21/2020 Black F Valiant Hero Spring Bling Hawkinson Royal Vista Ranch, LLC, Agent for Jeremy Newton & Jerry Blackmon
40 /31/2015 Sorrel M Stel Corona The Partys On Fire Walk Thru Fire Marty Powers, Agent for R & D Stables
41 /1/2012 Sorrel M First Moonflash Neons Miracle Yawls Rabbit Robicheaux Ranch, Inc., Agent
42 /19/2017 Bay M Corona Caliente Holy Ground Especially Rare Linda Vanbebber
43 /14/2019 Bay G Im A Fancy PYC First Ginlark My First Moon Bruce A. Munoz
44 /12/2021 Sorrel G Tarzanito Dashin For Dreams Heza Fast Dash Lori Harris
45 /7/2021 Brown F Freighttrain B Cp The Flirt Strawflyin Buds Belle Mere Farm, Ltd., Agent
46 /25/2018 Gray G Sir Runaway Dash Gt Toasted Date Toast To Dash Robicheaux Ranch, Inc., Agent
47 /27/2011 Bay M Carters Cartel Check Her Twice First Down Dash Robicheaux Ranch, Inc., Agent
48 /17/2006 Sorrel M Toast To Dash Itsmybag (TB) Bag (TB) K & K Farms
49 /15/2021 Sorrel F Open Me A Corona Flamboyant Chick Toast To Dash Spring Hill Farms, Agent for Eddie & Stephanie Harrison
50 /15/2023 Brown C Capo De Capi Reddi Set Go Mr Eye Opener Marty Powers, Agent
51 /29/2019 Chestnut M Cartels Candy Man Molly Bawn One Sweet Jess Vaqueros Racing, LLC
52 /10/2021 Sorrel G Apollitical Jess Jess Walking Thru Walk Thru Fire Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
53 /4/2017 Brown M PYC Paint Your Wagon Signs Zoomer Shazoom Dunn Ranch, Agent for Double Diamond Quarter Horses
54 /11/2022 Bay C Imperial Hint (TB) Estelline Carters Cartel Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
55 /23/2020 Brown F One Famous Eagle PYC Oh Whatta Rose PYC Paint Your Wagon Ufo Racing Stables
56 /25/2019 Brown S Separatist Velvette First Down Dash Rodriguez Farm
57 /20/2018 Sorrel G Feature Mr Bojangles In His Dreams Apollo (TB) Scarlett Hill Farm, Inc., Agent
58 /08/2017 Bay M New Year's Day (TB) Blitzing (TB) Montbrook (TB) Dunn Ranch, Agent
59 /6/2019 Bay G Carters Cartel Scoopie Coochie Mr Jess Perry Spring Hill Farms
60 /14/2004 Chestnut M Maria's Mon (TB) Calling Dixie (TB) Dixieland Band Red Earth Training Center/Westwin Farms
61 /25/2011 Bay M Ivory James Passem Up Perry Mr Jess Perry Remount Ranch, Agent for P & J Racing, Ltd.
62 /5/2019 Bay S Tres Seis Ja Jess Elegance Mr Jess Perry Jason Olmstead, Agent for Angelica Aleman-Rodriguez
63 /20/2018 Sorrel M Separatist Ask The Question Teller Cartel Marty Powers, Agent
64 /19/2021 Sorrel F One Sweet Jess Symbol Of Faith Tac It Like A Man Marty Powers, Agent for Elizabeth Logan
65 /9/2020 Gray G First Moonflash Sochi Special Ivory James Bielau Oaks, Agent
66 /22/2021 Sorrel F Apollitical Jess Brown Eye Suze Mr Eye Opener Marty Powers, Agent
67 /28/2020 Sorrel G Southern Corona Down To Separating First Down Dash Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent for Bronco Rider
68 /13/2020 Sorrel F Dealagame Betrutous Brimmerton Jh Performance Horses, Agent for Triple R Farms
69 /10/2007 Bay M Southern Cartel Centers Takin Cash Takin On The Cash B. F. M./Mcclain Speed Horse, Inc.
70 /15/2017 Brown M Good Reason Sa Quik Jolla Streakin La Jolla Tom Scheckel
71 /13/2014 Sorrel G Mr Jess Perry Speeding Shazoom Alvaro Lopez
72 /5/2021 Gray G Parsons Rock Forgotten Dynasty FDD Dynasty Dunn Ranch
73 /28/2019 Bay M One Sweet Jess Never Neutral Mr Eye Opener S & E Sales Prepping, Agent
74 /12/2023 Sorrel C Ryder Rite Betty Jess B Mr Jess Perry Cavenaugh Quarter Horses, LLC
75 /14/2021 Brown G Freighttrain B Newport Lily Stoli Dunn Ranch, Agent
76 /20/2007 Gray M Sweet First Down Ej Im No Gamble Cashagamble Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
77 /5/2021 Sorrel F Tempting Dash Shazooms Pop Pop Shazoom S & E Sales Prepping, Agent
78 /19/2022 Sorrel C First Valentime Shegivesmethewillies Willie Wicked Marty Powers, Agent
79 /6/2019 Sorrel S Coronado Cartel Lucky Call Me Jess Louisiana Blue Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent for Guadalupe Garcia
80 /22/2020 Brown G First Moonflash Src Gold PYC Paint Your Wagon Marty Powers, Agent for Grant R. Cox Revocable Trust
81 /12/2023 Chestnut/Spots C A Sweet Jess Cha Ching (Ap) Brisco County Jr Cavenaugh Quarter Horses, LLC, Agent for Garner Mattingly
82 /19/2021 Sorrel G One Dashing Eagle Heavenly Six Tres Seis Dunn Ranch, Agent
83 /8/2019 Bay M Docs Best Card Takin On Smashingly Takin On The Cash Cavenaugh Quarter Horses, LLC, Agent for Vicksburg Enterprises, LLC
84 /2/2022 Bay Roan F Wrights Mr Rojohydel Sparkling Cow Wizard Cow Wizard Robicheaux Ranch, Inc., Agent
85 /24/2011 Black M Oak Tree Special Caseys Alex Toast To Dash S & E Sales Prepping, Agent for Dewey S. Kendrick Iii
86 /31/2012 Sorrel M Tac It Like A Man Jess Because I Could Feature Mr Jess Andy Knight, Agent
87 /27/2021 Gray G Valiant Hero Major Kia Major Rime Mike Logan
88 /1/2019 Bay M Corona Cartel Look At Her Walk Thru Fire Granada Farms, Agent
89 /3/2023 Brown C Hawkeye Runaway Ivory Ivory James Bobby D. Cox
90 /19/2004 Gray M Runaway Winner Cashin Memories Dash For Cash Bielau Oaks, Agent
91 /4/2020 Sorrel F Good Reason Sa Political Nonsense Apollitical Jess Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
92 /13/2021 Sorrel G Coronado Cartel Stoli Angel Stoli Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent for Garlyn O. Shelton
93 /24/2023 Bay F Jess Good Candy Samba Corona Mv Corona Cartel Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
94 /8/2022 Sorrel C Moonin The Eagle Jessie Lite Gold Medal Jess Marty Powers, Agent for Coke L. Gage
95 /19/2020 Brown G A Revenant PYC Prize Doll PYC Paint Your Wagon Dunn Ranch
96 /25/2023 Sorrel C Freighttrain B Corazonas One Famous Eagle Bobby D. Cox
97 /13/2005 Sorrel M Feature Mr Jess Six Times Ten Six Fortunes Marty Powers, Agent
98 /22/2009 Bay M Tale Of The Cat (TB) Fearless Chick Chicks Beduino P. Parrish, Agent
99 /7/2019 Chestnut G First Down Dash Ms Pilot Point Splash Bac Grant Farms, LLC
100 /1/2021 Brown G Apollitical Blood Dashformoomoo Fast Prize Dash Dunn Ranch, Agent for Brian Gunder
101 /14/2021 Chestnut F Apollitical Spirit Paint Her Wild PYC Paint Your Wagon Guillermo Licano
102 /1/2021 Bay C Kiss My Hocks Where Eagles Soar One Famous Eagle Marty Powers, Agent
103 /26/2020 Sorrel F Tempting Dash Overeasy Annie Holland Ease Santa Rita Ranch
104 /5/2016 Bay M FDD Dynasty Fabulously Fast Mr Jess Perry Robicheaux Ranch, Inc., Agent
105 /1/2020 Bay F Dash Master Jess Lady Ellabella Tres Seis Dunn Ranch, Agent for Pattie Marshall
106 /22/2018 Gray G Tres Seis Apolitical Pac Apollitical Jess Dunn Ranch, Agent
107 /6/2021 Sorrel G Eye Am King The Diamond Cartel Valiant Hero 4Mw Farms & Racing, LLC
108 /26/2014 Sorrel M Jess Zoomin Racing Streak Streakin Sixes Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent for Valley Farm
109 /5/2022 Bay C One Fabulous Eagle J Fire Up Kiddy Up Bobby D. Cox
110 /21/2021 Brown G Heza Fast Dash Nymeria Bigtime Favorite Bobby D. Cox
111 /2/2021 Bay G Apollitical Jess Hot Charge Hotdoggin Belle Mere Farm, Ltd., Agent
112 /15/2022 Sorrel C Chilitos Epic Ivory Ivory James Bielau Oaks, Agent
113 /13/2020 Sorrel C Tres Seis Elicity Apollitical Jess Ron & Melany Shalz
114 /9/2018 Bay M PYC Paint Your Wagon Fearless And First First Down Dash P. Parrish, Agent
115 /26/2007 Bay M Greenwood Lake (TB) Miss Vesuvio (TB) Thirty Six Red (TB) Tom Scheckel
116 /7/2012 Brown M Pool DD Pass Em Cameronian Spring Hill Farms
117 /26/2021 Bay G Favorite Cartel First Place Cartel Corona Cartel Mike Logan
118 /2/2012 Gray M Red Storm Cat Chelsie Lu Corona Cartel Andy Knight, Agent for Bella Vista Farms
119 /5/2012 Bay M Strawflyin Buds Ladies N Jens Dash For Cash Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent for Double Bar S Ranch, LLC
120 /8/2010 Sorrel M First Timber Sallys Gone Streakin Me Go Bye Bye Vaqueros Racing, LLC
121 /7/2022 Sorrel F Apollitical Blood Dare To Ask Mr Jess Perry Robicheaux Ranch, Inc., Agent for Ted Soileau
122 /27/2020 Sorrel G Freighttrain B Histori Dominyun Marty Powers, Agent
123 /7/2022 Bay G One Dashing Eagle Df I Aint Jo Wagon PYC Paint Your Wagon J Lazy Six Ranch
124 /3/2021 Gray F Big Daddy Cartel Double Moon Baby First Moonflash Marty Powers, Agent
125 /8/2021 Sorrel G Apollitical Blood Iona Ec Louisiana Senator Bielau Oaks, Agent
126 /14/2020 Brown C Freighttrain B Pamper Me Special Special Effort Bielau Oaks, Agent
127 //2024 Mr Jess Perry Sandy June Bug Blushing Bug Marty Powers, Agent for Darling Farms & Dr. Richard Beck
128 /16/2005 Brown M Corona Cartel Frisco Fling Dash For Cash Dunn Ranch
129 /26/2023 Sorrel C Dulce Sin Tacha Jennas Pretty Cash Dashing Val Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent for Ken Ferguson
130 /14/2023 Sorrel F Cyber Monday Helens First Choice First Down Dash Marty Powers, Agent
131 /13/2021 Sorrel C One Famous Diamond Sheza Lady O Toole Jody O Toole Equestix, Inc., Agent
132 /30/2023 Bay F One Fabulous Eagle Shutupandancewithme Chicks Regard Marty Powers, Agent for Belinda Shaw
133 /23/2004 Bay M Dixieland Heat (TB) Wildess (TB) Wild Zone (TB) Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
134 /30/2020 Brown F One Dashing Eagle Jess Shantastic Fantastic Corona Jr Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
135 /10/2019 Bay G Coronado Cartel Ity Bitty Rarity Rare Form La Despedido Racing, LLC
136 /20/2011 Gray M Separatist The Way You Want Me Mr Eye Opener Stephen & Lisa Ralston
137 /1/2022 Bay C PYC Paint Your Wagon One Time In Cowtown One Time Pepto Cooper Smith, Agent for Neal Wanless
138 /17/2020 Sorrel C Favorite Cartel Goddess Artemis Mr Jess Perry Bielau Oaks, Agent
139 /5/2019 Sorrel M Kiss My Hocks One Corona At A Time One Famous Eagle Marty Powers, Agent
140 /23/2023 Brown F Carters Cartel Shes So Valiant Valiant Hero P. Parrish, Agent
141 /7/2021 Bay G Jess Lips Dynasty First Class FDD Dynasty Dunn Ranch, Agent
142 /13/2021 Bay F Apollitical Jess First Fancy Prize PYC Paint Your Wagon Robicheaux Ranch, Inc., Agent
143 /8/2018 Gray G Capo De Capi Satisfeyen Mr Eye Opener Rancho La Cobra
144 /30/2023 Sorrel C Hes Relentless Teller Shez Home Teller Cartel Toh Ranch, Agent
145 /2/2021 Sorrel F Eagle Deluxe Full Moon Dasher Dash Ta Fame Marty Powers, Agent
146 /9/2013 Bay M One Famous Eagle First Moon Risen First Down Dash Lazy E Ranch, LLC, Agent
147 /18/2011 Sorrel M Winners Version Designers Splash Splash Bac Marty Powers, Agent for James E. Lynn
148 /31/2021 Bay F Tempting Dash Really A Corona Corona Cartel Bob Moore Farms, LLC, Agent
149 /30/2021 Bay F One Dashing Eagle Tres Diamantess Tres Seis Tate Farms
150 /12/2023 Sorrel F American Runaway Jess Dee Dee Mr Jess Perry Bobby D. Cox
152 /24/2020 Sorrel F Apollitical Jess Me Chickie Major Rime Dunn Ranch, Agent for Greg Cullum
153 /12/2007 Bay M Corona Cartel Elaines Fantasy Leaving Memories Marty Powers, Agent
154 /8/2021 Red Roan F Iba Cartel Gone Babie Gone Jess Zoomin Super Sport Farms