SALE: 2024Sale in the Swamp
LOCATION: UF Horse Teaching Unit
SALE DATE: 4/20/2024 through 4/27/2024
SALE CONTACT: Angela Chandler
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Dam's Sire
/3/2022 Red Roan F Jasons Peptolena UF Amazinly Tuff Amazin Appraisin
/26/2021 Red Roan G Best Brew At The Bar UF Blazing The Trail Blazing Hot
/10/2022 Red Roan F VS Code Blue A Sleepy Trophy Wife Too Sleepy To Zip
/12/2023 Bay C Batt Man UF Certain Beauty Certain Potential
/24/2022 Gray F Quahadi UF Bottoms Up Natural Bottom
/4/2022 Red Dun G Star Spangled Whiz TR Miss Smokin Gun Colonels Smoking Gun
/14/2022 Sorrel G Best Brew At The Bar O What A Hottie One Hot Krymsun
/19/2022 Gray F Jesses Topaz UF Sixes Nick Sixes Pick
/13/2022 Sorrel G Natural Bottom UF Guthrie Gal Guthrie City Limits
/3/2022 Bay Roan G Quahadi Go For Nick ELS Scottish Nick
/10/2022 Gray G The Krymsun Kruzer Raisinthesehotirons These Irons Are Hot
/28/2022 Red Dun F Snip O One Bonita Bacardi Bonitas Champion
/31/2022 Sorrel F The Mile High Club Dress The Part Coats N Tails
/13/2022 Palomino F Natural Bottom UF Jesses Gal Jesses Topaz
/3/2022 Bay F Ie Reason Make Note Of Me 04 (TB) Forest Camp (TB)
/18/2022 Sorrel G Cool Breeze UF Certain Legacy Certain Potential
/22/2022 Brown F Bamacat Belle Of The Boonbal Peptoboonsmal
/13/2022 Bay Roan F Kissin The Girls Im Potentially Yours Potential Investment