SALE: UF Spring 2019 Horse Sale
LOCATION: Dale Wilkinson Equestrian Complex
SALE DATE: 4/27/2019 through 4/27/2019
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Dam's Sire
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1 0 Chestnut M Unknown Unknown Unknown University Of Findlay At 14.2 hh, this quiet green broke mare has the potential to excel as a ranch horse. “Arrow” is able to take you anywhere you want to go with a strong foundation and quality training under saddle. Arrow would make a great addition in anyone’s barn. Click Here
2 0 Sorrel/Tobiano G Repeated In Red (Q) Ropein The Skyline (P) Sir Hot Chocolate (P) University Of Findlay Red Sky At Night is a 15.3 hh, quiet, and friendly gelding. This versatile horse is able to excel in both the western and english disciplines. Started on lead changes, trail and showmanship, “Sailor” is the all around horse you are looking for! Click Here
3 2016 Sorrel G Radical Rodder Shes Surely Good Good Asset University Of Findlay This 15.2 hh eye catching gelding has a stellar jog and lope. “Radar” has a great temperament in and out of the saddle. He has been started in trail, horsemanship and showmanship. This horse will not be one that you will soon forget! Click Here
4 2011 Bay M Dual Lil Pitchfork Judge Abby Jones Taris Judge University Of Findlay Judge N Pitchforks, also known as “Lil Bit” is a 14.1 hh, well mannered, easy-going mare ready for her next job. This pretty mare has been used in the freshman riding program with experience in events such as horsemanship, showmanship, and trail with emphasis in the ranch classes. Lil Bit has been used for IHSA, IEA, and YEDA shows, and also on the UF Ranch Horse team, exposing her to cow work. Lil Bit would excel with any level rider looking for a great versatile ranch horse. Click Here
5 2016 Sorrel M Thecrowdlovesme Talk About The Storm Talk About This Laurie Cavanaugh TakinTheCrowdByStorm is a 14.2hh, quiet young mare who is very personable. “Stormy” is green with the flag, and shows promise with her turn arounds and stops. This mare would be a candidate to show over the summer as a ranch horse. Click Here
6 2002 Bay G Genetically Loaded Berry Doc Tari Jodies Doc Tari University Of Findlay Great Genetics is a 14.1hh, very kind and quiet gelding that has done it all. He has been in our freshman program for many years, being a great boost of confidence for novice riders while also riding competitively with advanced students. “Gene” has years of riding time in events like reining, horsemanship, showmanship, trail, and ranch classes. He also has a lead change. He has been a great asset for our IHSA, IEA, YEDA, and UF Ranch Horse Team shows, competing in the horsemanship, reining, trail and cattle classes. Gene is safe and honest, and would make a perfect horse for any event! Click Here
7 2008 Bay Roan M Lazy Loper Art On The Dock I See Dry Dock University Of Findlay Docs Lazy Loper is a 15.1hh beautiful roan mare with a kind disposition. “Jessie” has been a great asset in our freshman program and has also been used for IHSA, IEA, and YEDA shows. This mare has experience in the horsemanship, showmanship, trail, and ranch events. She makes a great all around horse and also has enough extension for the english classes. Jessie would be great for a rider looking for an easy, safe, all around mount. Click Here
8 2011 Bay M Hot Fudge Chip Miss Jeanne O Lena Little Turbo Ann Warner Docs Sugar Cookies has a natural desire to please and loves to work. “Cookie” at 15hh has an excellent simple lead change, extended trot, and extended walk. Flat legged at the lope, consistent at all three gaits, and very smooth to ride. Excellent showmanship maneuvers and ground manners. She has a ROM in Ranch Riding with limited showing and qualified for the world show in 2017 and 2018. Clips, ties, stands, and trailer loads all with ease. Suitable for an intermediate/advanced rider. Click Here
9 2016 Sorrel G VS Code Blue Step Out With Sheik Zippos Sheik Patty Mckay Blue is an attractive 15.3 hh gelding. He is ready for the western pleasure with a great start in the all around events. He will be competitive in the horsemanship, showmanship, equitation, hunter under saddle, trail and western riding! Blue is natural over the poles and changes leads with ease. Do not miss out on your next winner! Click Here
10 2009 Red Roan M A Hot Invitation Hotrod Holly Deluxe Dynamic Deluxe Doug White Hotrodden Invitation is a 16hh, friendly and easy-to-handle mare. She shows promise for the hunt-seat, along with horsemanship and showmanship. This well bred mare would make a great addition to any breeding program when she is done showing! Click Here
11 2016 Sorrel G Gettin Impulsive Ms Poison Ivy Invitation Only Tyler Hultberg Gettin Bizy is a 15hh, quiet gelding that is easy to work with. He is a western pleasure prospect with the potential to move up into the all around in the future. This attractive and willing gelding would be perfect for a non-pro looking for their new all around partner. Click Here
12 2014 Bay G VS Code Red Lazy Dazi Lazy Loper Deb Neblo Code Lazy is a 15.3hh, quiet gelding that has a promising career in the all around events. He has excellent movement with training in western pleasure, horsemanship, equitation, and hunter under saddle. This gelding also has a solid start in the trail and changing leads. Henry has the movement, mind, and pedigree to excel in the show pen and will be competitive at a high level. Come get your next show horse! Click Here
13 2015 Black G Elvis On Impulse Kiss My Sweet Gucci Gucci Only Kristin Omlor ElvisHasLeftTheBldng is a 16hh flashy gelding that has a great start in the all around events. Ready to show in the equitation and hunter under saddle classes, this gelding will make a great show horse in the future. “Elvis” has training in showmanship, horsemanship, pleasure, equitation, and hunter under saddle, along with a head start in trail and changing leads. This handsome gelding will be successful in the show pen. Click Here
14 0 Sorrel/Overo G Never Compromise (P) Seriously Shirley (Q) Only In The Moonlite Larry Murfitt Moonlite Compromise is an excellent show prospect. This flashy, 14.2 hh gelding is easy to handle, with a charming, laid back personality. He has a great start in the western pleasure, and has the ability to move out for the english events. With a start in trail, he is bound to excel in a show career in the all around events. A show barn would be the perfect fit for this talented gelding. Click Here
15 0 Bay/Tobiano M Reservation Required (P) Art I Sneaky (Q) Art I Sweet Melanie Cox-Dayhuff Sweet Reservation is a 16.1hh, big strided mare with a pleasant, floating trot and flat kneed movement. She is working well in the equitation, hunter under saddle, showmanship, and started on a green lead change. This fancy mare would do well in the English all-around events. Click Here
16 2011 Chestnut M JA Tequita Drift Sah Gias Rawhide Zandorel Buck Morgan Kaufmann Eligible for the AQHA Ranching Heritage Program, Sah Giasrawhidedrift is a 15.2hh, gentle, been-there-done-that type of mare. “Bindi” has been over small fences and trail ridden. She is currently working in the ranch horse events, you can rope off of her and drag a log. She also has a green lead change. Click Here
17 2014 Bay Roan G Zippos Mr Good Bar Beautiful Impulse Impulsions Patty Mckay FeelsGoodToLookGood is a 15.1hh, flashy, willing gelding with an aim to please. He has been started in showmanship, trail, and lead-changing. “Toby” is a great all-around prospect, and would be a wonderful candidate for a youth rider due to his kind personality. Click Here
18 2015 Brown G Extremely Hot Chips Rgns Ridin Hardtimes Red Glow Nicky University Of Findlay This is a “been there, done that” kind of horse. Glowing Red Hot is a 15.2 hh talented gelding and excels in the western all around events. “Tucker” is ready to hit the road with you this summer to show in pleasure, trail, horsemanship, equitation, showmanship, and has a great start on lead changes. Click Here
19 2016 Chestnut G Goodcowboymargarita The Invy Of All Invitation Only Steve Howard Redneck Cowboy is a 15hh, quiet gelding with nice, flat kneed movement. He is started in showmanship, horsemanship, trail, and western pleasure. With a great pedigree and a solid start, he has the potential to move into the all around events in the future. This is a cool prospect that is ready for a show home to continue his training! Click Here
20 2015 Chestnut M A Dream Remembered Simply Smooth Stuff Simply Hot University Of Findlay This 15.1 hh, well minded mare makes a quiet mount for any level rider. She has been a crowd favorite at our IHSA shows showing in the horsemanship. Excelling in western events, “Porkchop” has been started in trail and lead changes. This pretty mare would make a great non-pro horse for anyone looking to be competitive in the show pen. She is ready to take you to the top! Click Here
21 0 Gray M Mdr Impulsified Awesomes Smokey Babe Just Plain Awesome University Of Findlay Shezasmokinhotimpuls is a 15 hh gorgeous mare. "Lily" has a sweet personality and is ready to go show in the western pleasure, horsemanship, equitation, showmanship, and is started on trail and changing leads. She is willing to please and will take her next rider to the top! Click Here
22 2008 Palomino G Corchas Boy No Nu Chex Nu Chex To Cash University Of Findlay Corchas Nu Playboy is a 15.1hh flashy palomino gelding with a quiet disposition and willing attitude. “Butter” has made a great mount in our freshman program and is competitive at IHSA, IEA and YEDA shows. He has experience in events such as showmanship, trail, horsemanship, western pleasure and ranch riding. This gelding has been there, done that, and is able to execute any maneuver you please, including a flying lead change. "Butter" would make a perfect all around partner for any level rider, and can take you in any direction. He is both safe and talented! Click Here
23 2015 Brown G Keeping It Good Impulsive Venture Impulsions University Of Findlay Good Ventures, more affectionately known as “Ace”, will make a nice all around horse for the open or non pro rider. Ace has excelled in the program due to his quiet temperament. Accomplished in the western all around events, you are sure to be in the ribbons. "Ace" is 15.2 hh, started in showmanship, trail, pattern work, and lead changes. This great legged gelding is ready to show! Click Here
25 2017 Chestnut F Favored By All Invitation To A Te Invitation Only University Of Findlay A Favored Invitation is a talented mare that is excelling in the western pleasure and is showing potential in the all around events. At 15.2hh, “Iggy” is strong, big bodied, and ready to continue her training. This mare is an NSBA Breeders Cup Futurity Yearling Sale Graduate. Therefore, she is eligible to compete in the Breeders Cup Futurity at the NSBA World Show in her two or three year old year. Click Here
26 2017 Chestnut G The Lopin Machine Zip Skip And Strut Dont Skip Zip University Of Findlay Aint Goin Nowhere is big bodied, slow legged and deep hocked. He's very laid back and has lots of personality. He wants to go slow, has a cadenced lope with a flat knee, and even two beat jog. “Sheldon” is a great prospect for the Western Pleasure and western all-around events. Aint Goin Nowhere is an NSBA Breeders Cup Yearling Sale Graduate. He is eligible to compete in the Breeders Cup Futurity at the NSBA World Show in his two or three year old year. Click Here
28 2017 Chestnut G Both Guns Loaded Blazin Pine Bar Blazing Hot University Of Findlay Both Gunz Blazin is a strong, big bodied gelding with a willing disposition. “Benny” is slow legged and cadenced. Currently standing at 15hh, he is sure to make a great all around horse for the future. Click Here
29 0 Sorrel/Overo G Good N Gallant (P) Battmans Man Dee (P) Batt Man University Of Findlay Hes A Good Man is a 15hh overo paint colt and a grandson of NSBA Hall of Fame inductee Good Version. “Robin” is a well-minded and easy going gelding. He jogs cadenced and quietly and presents a fluid, flat-kneed lope. This gelding would easily excel in events such as Hunter Under Saddle and Western Riding. If you are looking for a prospect to succeed within the show pen, Hes A Good Man for you! Click Here
30 2017 Sorrel G Extremely Hot Chips Chip N Hot Principle Principle Investment University Of Findlay Hes So Extreme is a quiet gelding by the sire Extremely Hot Chips, known for producing multiple World and Congress Champions along with high money earners. “Travis” is an easy ride with plenty of lift and self carriage. He would make an excellent all-around prospect, and his bold markings are sure to get him noticed in the pen! This talented gelding is also eligible for the 2019 QH Congress Super Sale Stakes Class. Brother to EXTREMELY PRINCIPLED. Click Here
31 2017 Bay G Iresistable Sudden Machinedforkeepsakes A Good Machine University Of Findlay Irresistible Machine is a 15hh, well minded gelding. He is slow legged and has the potential to do the all-around in the future. This horse is very trainable and will excel in a show home ready to continue his training. Click Here
32 2017 Bay G Lazy Loper Certainly Fancy Certain Potential University Of Findlay Loping Sensation is a willing gelding with a great look and pedigree. His sire, Lazy Loper is a multiple World Champion producer, making this gelding an excellent prospect for the future. “Waylon” stands 15hh and is ready to continue his training to become your next winner! Click Here
33 0 Sorrel paint F Big Money Impulse (P) My Brother Did It (P) CR Good Machine (P) University Of Findlay Shes Got Money is a mare by the up and coming stallion, Big Money Impulse. This naturally talented mare measures at 14.3hh and carries herself with a flat knee and deep drive from behind. Click Here
34 2017 Bay G Lazy Loper Vested In Hope Vested Pine University Of Findlay Man Against Machine is a quiet 15hh gelding by multiple World Champion producing sire Lazy Loper. “Stark” is well mannered with smooth, flowing gaits to make him a great prospect for western pleasure, trail, and western riding. This gelding is a Congress Super Sale Graduate and eligible for the NSBA Breeders Cup Futurity. Click Here
35 0 Brown Dun G Bayshore Simen Dc Lyla Prydarson University Of Findlay DIF Gunnar is a very versatile and handsome gelding. “Gunnar” excels in both the english and western events and will be able to go in any direction you please. This Fjord is 14.1hh with a great look and pedigree. Click Here
36 2015 Red Roan M Its Oh So Good Vesterella Potential Investment University Of Findlay With a willing and eager to please mind, this 15.1hh mare will have a career as a finished western all-around horse. “Anna” has started changing leads, going over poles, and in showmanship and horsemanship. She can also extend well, which will make it easy to add English events to her repertoire. With plenty of potential, this pretty mare is sure to make a “So Good Investment” for your future! Click Here
37 2017 Sorrel G VS Code Blue Your Right Zippo Jack Bar Tom Moore The Right Code is a 15.1hh, willing gelding with a great foundation in showmanship, western pleasure, horsemanship, trail, hunter under saddle, and equitation. “Cody” has a bright all-around career in his future. With a great pedigree and start to his training, this willing gelding is ready to make a great show horse. Click Here
38 2017 Sorrel G A Touch Of Sudden Invest In A Lotto Vested Pine Tom Moore Certainly A Deacon is started in the western pleasure, trail, and showmanship. With his slow gait and ability for extension, he will make a great candidate to move into the all-around events. This 15.1hh talented gelding is ready to be your next partner! Click Here
39 2017 Sorrel G Zippo Can Do Dusted By Gold Zippos Old Gold Tom Moore Dusty Lil Zipper is a 14.1 hh gelding started in the trail, western pleasure, and horsemanship, making him a good prospect to move into the all around events. With great breeding and looks to match, this prospect could be your next winner! Click Here
40 2017 Sorrel G Certainly A Vision Nothing Else Matters Invitation Only Tom Moore Only A Vision Dc is a 14.3hh friendly, gentle, green broke gelding. “Vinny” is currently focusing in western pleasure, but with a willing and easy mind, he has the talent to learn the all-around events. This promising prospect is eager to learn and is ready for a bright future ahead! Click Here
41 2016 Red Dun G Pepto Solano Lobos Dixie Dude Lobos Lil Leo Julia Roshelli Ima Pepto Dude is a 14.3hh, quiet and willing gelding. “Jedi” is broke for the ranch riding and would excel with any rider in the show pen. He would be a great fit for anyone looking for a perfect mount for showing and riding at home. Click Here
42 2017 Gray M A Sudden Star DS Billie Jacks Rose How D Billie Jack Joe Goodenow She Is A Fancy Star is a 15.1hh talented filly with a great mind. “Betty” is started in the trail and showmanship, but is very versatile and could be taken in any direction including the all-around or ranch events. Click Here
43 2012 Sorrel M Gallo De Rojo Zans Red Olena Smart Chic Olena Katie Childress Gallos Little Red is willing to please with a great spin and lead change. “Pippy” has been shown at NRHA shows and is showing promise in the ranch riding. With a great pedigree and a friendly disposition, this 14.2hh mare is ready to continue her career with you! Click Here
44 2017 Chestnut G Wimpys Little Freckl Gee Sheez Cute Sugar Bar Buckaroo Ron Kantner Great Little Freckle is a 14hh, quiet, well mannered gelding. “Zen” comes from a pedigree known to excel in the show pen and stop huge. He is built to excel in reining and ranch events. Click Here
45 2017 Buckskin F Cbar Apache Aprils War Star King Tucks Reward Ron Mccauley Royal King Vega is a 14hh, pleasant, and athletic mare. She displays the quality of movement desired for a ranch horse, and shows talent for roping or cutting. This mare is full of potential and is ready for her next job! Click Here
46 2015 Sorrel G Screamin For Whiskey Luv My Krymsun Image One Hot Krymsun Brad Trainer Krymsun Whiskey is a 14.2hh sweet gelding that aims to please. He shows potential in all-around events including Ranch Riding. He is started in the showmanship and horsemanship. This could be your next partner! Click Here
47 0 Gray G Unbridled Energy (TB) For Your Enjoyment (TB) Quiet Enjoyment (TB) David Thompson Willy Be Unbridled is a 15.2hh, willing horse with a great mind. “Willy” has been over poles, cross rails, and flower boxes. This gelding would be a great candidate for the hunter classes or eventing. Click Here
49 2012 Bay G Escondido Beach Surely Dash N Tuff Timeto Get Tuff Sam Conley I Gotta Fly is a quick learner that is easy to handle with a sweet disposition. "Fly" is a 16.1hh gelding that is bound to succeed as your next barrel or gaming horse, with a great pedigree to match. Don’t miss out on this gelding! Click Here
50 2017 Sorrel F Batt Man Star Lookin Hot Blazing Hot Amy Joseph Hot Lookin Batt Girl is a 14.2hh, quiet, and talented mare with a good mind. “Maggie” is correct in her movement, with a deep hock and a flat knee, making this mare an excellent western all-around prospect. Click Here
51 2016 Palomino M Mr Ice Te DDP Delightful Kid Twentyfour Karat Kid Dan & Debbie Price At 15.3hh this easy going mare is quick to learn and eager to please. DDP Iced Kid is a flashy mover and sure to catch eyes in the show pen as she is a pleasure to work with. Click Here
52 0 Palomino/Overo F Coolest Nv (P) Really (P) Brooks Or Dunn (P) Danny And Debbie Price Dabbling N Diamonds is a 14.2hh, flashy mare. “Dabble” will excel in the western and english events making her a strong all-around prospect. She is started over poles and wants to please. Don’t miss out on your next winner! Click Here
53 2016 Sorrel M No Doubt Im Lazy Little Red Dress Dress Western University Of Findlay Lazy In Red has delicate features that are sure to catch eyes in the arena and put you at the top. With focused training in western pleasure, “Ruby” is also well versed in the western all-around events. She has been started in horsemanship, over poles, and changing leads. With a great pedigree, this 14.3hh, double registered mare has the potential to excel in the show pen and produce beautiful foals down the road. Click Here
54 2008 Sorrel G Corchas Boy Polyester Cowgirl Shonuff Cowboy University Of Findlay Hesa Freckles Cowboy is a 14.2hh, quiet, easy going gelding and has been used in the freshman program for several years. “Otis” has also participated in IHSA, IEA, and YEDA shows making him a great mount for all levels of riders. This gelding has experience in horsemanship, showmanship, and trail with a focus in the ranch events. "Otis" would be great for any level rider looking for an all-around horse with the ability to go in any direction. Click Here
55 2015 Chestnut M Goodcowboymargarita This Cowgirls Lopin Mr Big Zipper University Of Findlay Lopin for Margaritas is a 15hh, pretty, well put together mare that is sure to get you noticed in the show pen. She was the Clark Bradley Pleasure Futurity Champion in the spring of 2017, and has continued her education at UF since then. She is ready to show in pleasure, trail, horsemanship, equitation and showmanship. “Maui” also changes leads. This great moving, well mannered mare has the disposition and breeding to make it far as a show horse at a high level. Make her your new partner and breed her down the road! Click Here
56 2006 Gray G Seven From Heaven Ok Ready To Play Dual Peppy University Of Finday Seven From Sixes has made an excellent freshman horse in our program. He stands 14.3 hh tall and has a quiet, willing disposition which would make him a great addition to any barn. “Uno” has experience in events like horsemanship, showmanship, and trail, and excels in the ranch horse classes. "Uno" has been a great mount for riders in IHSA, IEA, and YEDA competitions. "Uno" has been used by the UF Ranch Horse Team and would make a great horse to take his rider to the next level. Click Here
57 2016 Bay G Batt Man Simply Lovin It Simply Hot University Of Findlay This 15.1hh, bay gelding is working toward becoming an all-around prospect excelling in both western and english events. He is enjoyable to ride and has been started in horsemanship, trail, and showmanship. “Mikki” requires low maintenance to succeed, and is ready to go in any direction you please! Click Here
58 2014 Bay M I Only Invite Chicks Impulsions Princess Get Radical Stacey Creps Radicalimpulsonly PJ is a 14.3hh, kind mare with a desirable quality of movement. “Maggie” is easy to work with, and will be competitive in the western pleasure and horsemanship. She has the potential to move into trail as well. With her exceptional bloodlines this mare could be shown then bred for your next winner! Click Here
59 0 Brown G Unknown Unknown Unknown University Of Findlay This 14.3hh mule is quiet and easy going. He will excel as a ranch or trail mount and has been roped off of. Willy would make a great asset to a working ranch program and a great addition to any barn. Click Here