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Editing & Printing Indexes

To find your Catalog Indexes, go to Actions and then Catalog Indexes. You can then select the index you would like to edit.


Editing Indexes

On each index there is an editor box that will appear if you click anywhere on the index text. This will allow you to edit the information presented in your index. You can use the editor tool to assist in perfecting page breaks.

Note: Any changes made to the index in the editor box will not be saved in the index or on the entries. These changes are just for immediate purposes and are not a way of editing the information program-wide. The index editor is a tool to make any necessary changes to the index right before you plan to print or save to a PDF. 

To make large changes to a bulk set of text in an index, it is best to use a PDF editor, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro PDF. Instructions for Adobe PDF are below:

Adobe Acrobat Pro PDF

- Open your saved PDF of an index. 
- Click TOOLS.
- Click EDIT PDF.
- Use your mouse to click and drag over the section of text you wish to move.
- Once the text is outlined with a blue box, hover over the edge of the box until you see a 4-way arrow.
- Drag the text to the new location.


Adding/Editing Covering Sire Paragraphs

Found on the My Sales page; click on Actions, then choose Catalog Indexes & Covering Sires.

The Catalog Builder will automatically produce covering sire paragraphs for AQHA covering sires. If you wish to edit a paragraph, select the stallion from the drop down menu and click Open Selected. Use the editing functions to edit the reference sire paragraph. Be sure to click Save after you have made your changes.

For non-AQHA sires, there is an option Add\Edit Non-QH Covering Sire where you can write a reference sire paragraph. To the right of Covering Sires is an option for Add\Edit Non-QH Covering Sire. A text editor will appear and you can follow the format of the AQHA Covering Sires to produce your own non-AQHA reference sire paragraphs. Be sure to type the sire's name into the "Enter Sire Name" field above the text editor.


Printing Indexes & Gallery Index

From the My Sales screen, click the Actions tab on the left-hand side of the screen, then click the Catalog Indexes button. You will be taken to a screen listing all the Indexes for the current sale.

Click on any Index listed and be patient while the program generates the index. When ready, you will be taken to a screen showing the formatted index.

To print simply hit the CTRL + P keys on your keyboard to bring up the print window. In the settings on the left-hand side of the window, make sure that the settings are set to:

  • Destination: Save as PDF
  • Pages: All
  • Margins: Default (under More Settings)
  • Options: no boxes clicked (under More Settings)

Once the settings are correct, click the Save button to generate your PDF which is ready to provide to your printer.