1. Getting Started
Add the new sale Catalog
Fully complete the basic sale information
Choose the default pedigree type
Use Edit Current Sale Information to choose more Options for the Catalog
Customize the Internet Sale Preview
Choose the color scheme to match your company or farm colors
Upload the sale company logo, also adding sponsor logos at this time if desired
Create Sessions
Optional, but required if using two pedigree types in one catalog
Sessions can be added any time during the job
If sessions are used, a session code must be noted on each sale horse
If Reference Sire pages are desired, add reference sires to a “Reference Sire Session”

2. Add sale horses and edit sale horse pages
Add consignment information manually or
Complete the Spreadsheet Template for a bulk consignment import
     If you are not an experienced and comfortable Excel user, hand-enter the horses.
If the mailing labels feature or the Excel files generated by the Catalog Builder will be used for sale management purposes, include each consignor’s mailing and contact information for each horse.
Pay special attention to the instructions for adding unnamed foals, clones and non-Quarter Horses.
Post the Internet Sale Preview on your web site and/or Facebook, if you want to offer an early look to prospective buyers as the sale fills.
• Copy & paste the Internet Sale Preview URL onto your web site and/or Facebook page
     • Or copy and paste the link into an email for your webmaster.
• The Internet Preview shows only the family tree & notes (no sire and dam notes) until:
     • “Send Catalog Page to Sale Preview” is clicked on the Sale horse’s worksheet, or
     • “Send Final Pages to Internet” is clicked
Inspect and edit each horse’s catalog page
Click the Make-It-Fit button, or hand-edit each horse’s page to fit
Click on “Complete QDATA Records” to view more information about the sale horse
Use the “Adjust” tools if needed
When receiving photos, ensure they are of useable size and resolution
Save the photo to your hard disk
     • File must be in flat JPG or PNG format (PDF files will not work)
     • Right Click on the photo, then click Details (Windows instructions)
         • Height, Width and Resolution will appear
             • Minimum of 150 DPI and 1,025 pixels wide (or tall) for printing.
                 •A photo downloaded from social media will NOT WORK for printing.
             • 70 DPI and at least 1,000 pixels wide (or tall) for web use only
                 •Social media photo downloads WILL work for the Internet Preview and the Catalog App.
Upload the photos & videos individually to each horse, or
Upload multiple photos at once by clicking on Actions/Import Consignments
     • Photo files must be named correctly
Video links must be set individually
Check the Proofing Report under Actions (“Issue” column)
Print a Draft for proofing purposes (Under Actions)
     • The draft is NOT the printer’s pages! (See #3).
Inspect the Covering Sire Paragraph pages
Add or edit the Non-Quarter Horse covering sire paragraphs
Assign Hip Numbers after all consignments have been received

3. Finalize the Catalog(Make it Printer-Ready)
Inspect the Consignor, Horse, Sire and Dam Indexes and the Covering Sire Paragraphs
Inspect & save the photo gallery index
Ctrl/P to Save as PDF (each file) to make the printer’s files
Create the Covers and Non-Horse Pages: title page, schedule, terms, etc., separately.
• Save to high-resolution PDF files
• A local print shop can create these pages, if desired.

For Black-Type catalogs: Follow the Instructions at this link
For all other catalogs: Follow the step below
Choose your page layout & save
If using the Newsprint format: add a header and/or footer, ads & text fillers
Inspect and adjust the pictures
Ctrl/P to Save as PDF to make the printer’s file

4. Make the printer's "Bible" documenting the desired page order, and send all PDF files to the Printer

5. Internet Sale Preview
Click on “Send Final Pages to Internet”
• This displays the entire catalog page for each horse.
Save the complete printer’s PDF to your hard disk and upload to the Internet sale preview web page
• Ask the printer for a web-resolution complete PDF

6. Send the Catalog to the QDATA Catalog App
Put the Catalog on the App
• The App will not accept catalogs with no hip numbers.
Submit ads, if desired, to appear on the horse pages of the App

7. Stall Cards
Produce the stall card PDF file for the printer and send the file to the printer

8. Reports for In-Office use
Choose the file format & type of report (Excel is usually preferred)
“Save as” to your computer’s hard disk to use in-office
Create & print mailing labels if desired

9. After the Sale
Upload the sale results to the Internet Sale Preview page