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Printing Stall Cards

From the My Sales screen, click the Actions tab on the left-hand side of the screen, then click the Stall Card Printer File button.  A pop-up will appear asking you to choose what size stall cards you would like to generate.  Choose the appropriate size. 

Be patient while the program generates the stall cards. 

Once that is complete, you will be taken to a print preview screen displaying the fully formatted stall cards.

To print simply hit the CTRL and P keys on your keyboard to bring up the print window. In the settings on the left-hand side of the window, make sure that the settings are set to:

  • Destination: Save as PDF

  • Pages: All

  • Margins: Default (under More Settings)

  • Options: no boxes clicked (under More Settings)

Once the settings are correct, click the Save button and save to a specified folder on your computer. The generated PDF is ready to provide to your printer.