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Proofing Report

The Proofing Report is a tool to help you locate consignments with missing or incorrect information in your current sale.

From the My Sales screen, click the Actions tab on the left hand side and then click the Proofing Report button.

This screen will display a list of all the consignments in your current sale with missing, mismatched or incorrect information, grouped by the type of information that is missing or incorrect.

You will see the following information displayed:

  • Consigned horse's name

  • Description of the issue

  • Hip number

  • 3 links for easy access to the consignment:

    • View page

    • Edit consignment info

    • Edit catalog page

  • Date last updated

  • Original page date

Note: If a consignment has more than one issue you will find it multiple times on this screen, once for each issue it has.


View Page

Be patient, it can take a couple minutes to generate the page.

This will give you an online view of how the formatted catalog page will appear in the printed catalog.

Edit Consignment Information

This will take you to the edit screen for that consignment where you can add or correct any missing or incorrect information.  

Edit Catalog Page

This will take you to the edit catalog page screen where you can add any missing information and edit other aspects of the catalog page. 

Note: If consignor, horse name, date of birth, color, sex or family tree need altered, you will need to go back to the Edit Consignment Info page, make your correction, and hit Save Consignment Info. Your catalog page will have the corrections made after Save Consignment Info is clicked and page is refreshed.