From the My Sales screen, click the Reports tab on the left hand side of the page to view the different types of reports you can generate.

First choose the format you wish to use to generate your report then chose the appropriate report to generate. RGP Catalog Builder offers HTML, XLS, CSV, & PDF formats.

Complete Sale Listings

The Complete Sale Listings report provides you with all the details that have been entered in for each consignment including:

Reconciliation Report

This report is similar to the Complete Sale Listing, but it has information more catered to the sale company for business purposes. It includes which horses are withdrawn, deleted, the cost of each entry into Catalog Builder, and additional consignor information such as address and contact information.

Expanded Consignors

This report contains all horses in the sale, all sale information, and is grouped by Consignor Name.

Short Consignors

The Short Consignors Report provides you with a list of all the Consignors in the sale along with the hip numbers of their consignments.


This report provides you a list of all the sires, foal at side sires, embryo sires and covering sires, and the Hip Numbers of the sale horses that pertain to each sire.


The Dams Report contains every 1st Dam's Name, and the Hip Numbers of her foals selling


Provides you with a list of all the consignments in the sale and their hip numbers.

Transaction Report

This is a visual log of the entries as they were put into Catalog Builder. It will show if it was AQHA or non-AQHA, the cost, and will show deleted entries as well.