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Internet Sale Preview

The Internet Sale Preview is meant to be included in your current website. Copy the page's url or simply link directly to it. The Internet Sale Preview can be viewed in all browsers and on smart phones and tablets.

From the My Sales page make sure the correct sale is selected then click the Actions tab in the left-hand column of the page.  This will bring up a menu with several options.  Choose & click the Internet Sale Preview button. This takes you directly to the Internet Sale Preview giving you a quick overview of all the consignments currently entered in your sale. This page displays the colors you chose while working on the Edit Current Sale Information screen. If you wish to change your color scheme again, simply return to the Edit Current Sale Information section.

The Internet Sale Preview also is a way to display each horse’s catalog page. Once the catalog page has been edited and is finalized, you can “make this horse live” to allow the catalog page to be accessed on the Internet Sale Preview.

NOTE: Before you make the catalog pages live, a preview page will show all pedigree information other than the sire and dam paragraphs which normally require the most editing.

To make a specific horse live, from the My Sales page select the desired horse from the column under Click To Edit Horse. This will take you to the Edit Horse screen where you will see an option to Make This Horse Live under the withdraw from sale button. Checkmark the Make This Horse Live option and then Save Consignment Info. This will send that specific horse’s catalog page to the Internet Sale Preview.

To do this for your entire sale live once all the catalog pages are edited and finalized, from the My Sales page select the Edit Current Sale Information button on the left-hand side. This will bring you to the Basic Info page. On the right column, click the Send Final Pages to Internet button, then click Save Consignment Info. This will send every horse’s catalog page in the sale to the Internet Sale Preview. 

View Complete Catalog

If you choose to upload a finished PDF of your catalog to the internet sale preview, you can do this under Actions, then choosing Upload Complete PDF. Click the Choose File button and locate your complete PDF from your computer, then click Upload Final PDF. The finished PDF of your catalog will be presented by a button on the top right corner of your internet sale preview.

NOTE: Any changes made in the Edit Catalog Page screen will show up on the linked catalog page in the Internet Sale Preview once the horse’s page has been made live. If you plan to do extensive editing, it is recommended that you wait until all editing is completed before making a horse’s page live to the internet.

The horse listings are searchable and can be sorted by any column. To search, click CTRL and F. This will bring up a search bar on the top right corner of your browser. To sort, simply click the heading at the top of any column and the list will be sorted alphabetically by that column.

This page is also great for checking photos and videos you currently have uploaded.