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App Info and Builder

When your sale is finished and ready to upload, you can send it to the RGP Catalog App (for iPads, Android Tablets, iPhones & Android Phones), it's an easy, one-click process, and offers easy RGP Catalog App upload of sale horse photos and/or easy linking to sale horse videos.

Note: Do not send your Catalog to the App until the catalog is being printed. For legal reasons, the app catalog should exactly match the printed catalog.

Using the RGP Catalog Builder gives you the opportunity to bring your catalog into the 21st Century, meaning your customers can not only use the catalog on their iPads or Android tablets, but they can also carry it in a shirt pocket on their phones! 

There are two upload buttons: one to upload the horses and the catalog indexes, and one to upload your non-horse pages such as Schedule, Terms and Conditions, etc. The Non-Horses pages should be combined into one PDF file and uploaded as one file, with the pages in the order you want them to appear (normally, the same order as the printed catalog). 

Your catalog will remain on the RGP Catalog App in perpetuity and will be available in the App archives in future years, unless you ask to have it removed.


  The RGP Catalog App will NOT accept horses with no hip numbers.

The catalog can only be submitted to the RGP Catalog App once. Please make sure your entire catalog is completely finalized before sending it to the App. In fact, it is recommended that you wait and send the catalog to the App after the printed book is at the printer’s. To preserve the integrity of the information being presented to buyers, the Catalog App pages must exactly match the pages in the printed catalog. Buyers must have confidence that both versions of the catalog are the same.

Note: RGP will examine and approve the catalog before it is made live on the Catalog App, which can take up to 24 business hours.


Build App Listings

From the My Sales page, click on Edit Current Sale Information, then choose the RGP App Info and Builder at the top of the screen. When your sale is finished and ready to upload, click the Build App Listings button, then click the Load Sale to App button.  This loads your sale onto the RGP App Platform for approval from RGP. It's as easy as that!

Managing Rotating Ads on the RGP Catalog App

Ads can be included at the bottom of our Catalog App sale horse pages and at the top of the catalog entry page. From the same RGP App Info and Builder tab, you can access the RGP Banner Ad Manager. Simply click on the Manage Rotating Ads button and choose your PNG or JPG ads to upload. From here you can choose the location for your ads, edit banners, delete banners, etc.

You are easily able to control the content and location of Catalog App ads your customers may be interested in purchasing, or you can use the ad space for your own sale company. 

Include an ad for your own sale company or ranch! If you choose not to run ads, an RGP Catalog Builder Graphic will appear in the ad spaces. (Uploading an ad is as easy as putting a photo on Facebook.) 

Sizes: The banners you upload must be non-transparent PNG image files with dimensions of EXACTLY 768 X 80.