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Photo Management

A photo and/or video link of each sale horse can be featured on the Internet Sale Preview and on the RGP Catalog App, and gallery pages featuring uploaded pictures for the printed catalog are automatically generated by RGP Catalog Builder, complete with the horse's name and hip number. This Gallery Index can be viewed by clicking on My Sales/Actions/Catalog Indexes/Gallery Index. 

To add a photo, click the Choose File button. A file browser window will pop-up and you can choose the consignment photo from a folder on your computer. After you click on the file, the file name will replace the “No file chosen” text next to the Choose File button. When you see the file name, make sure you uploaded the correct file, then click the Save Chosen Image button directly below the Choose File button and finally, click Save Consignment Info.

Photo Specifications: 

A. FOR A PRINTED PAGE, to avoid blurry photos, they must be a minimum of 2,048 pixels wide and 150 DPI, in flat JPG or PNG format.

B. FOR WEB USE ONLY, photos must be a minimum of 1,000 pixels wide and 70 DPI, in flat JPG or PNG format.

How to determine photo size: Open the photo file in "Microsoft Paint" or a similar artist's program. Click on "Resize," then choose Pixels as your measurement. The current horizontal (wide) and vertical (tall) number of pixels will display.

Make the photo filename all one word: when naming your picture files, do not leave spaces in the name, and do not use any "non-character" symbols such as dollar signs, ampersands, etc. ($, &, @, etc.).

Maximum photo file size is 10 megabytes (right click on the photo in your file folder to see the size).

After you upload the photo, a low-resolution photo will appear in the Sale Preview; however the actual printed catalog will use the high-resolution version. The low-res file will only appear on the Sale Preview and the RGP Sale App. A popup warning will tell you when your photo does not meet required specifications.

Once the file has successfully uploaded, the image will appear on the Photo Management page. However, your file will not be uploaded to the Internet Sale Preview or the RGP Catalog App until you click the Upload button for those functions (See Sale Preview and RGP Catalog App instructions pages).

Photos can be added at anytime, including after you have gone to the printer. If the catalog has gone to the printer, the newly added photos will still show up on the Internet Sale Preview.

Video Management

To add a video, the video must first be uploaded to a third-party provider such as or After that, copy and paste the video’s URL into the Video (Paste URL) field, then click Save Consignment Info. Do not link to videos on Social Media pages that require the viewer to be logged in, such as Facebook.