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Non-Horse Pages


Non-Horse Pages are all the additional pages throughout a catalog that do not contain consignments.

Examples of Non-Horse pages include:

  • Welcome Page
  • Sale schedule
  • Sale Staff
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Accommodations
  • Forms (Agent Authorization, Letter of Credit, Request to Purchase by Check, etc.)

You will need to build these pages in a word processing program (such as Word or WordPerfect) and save as a pdf. These Non-Horse pages will also need to be sent to your printer along with your horse pages & indexes for your printed catalog.

When you are ready to upload your sale to the RGP Sale App, go to the My Sales page/Edit Current Sale Info button, then RGP App Info and Builder tab to upload your Non-Horse Pages, along with your horses and catalog indexes.

You will find two upload buttons:

  • One to upload the horses and the catalog indexes.
  • One to upload your non-horse pages such as Schedule, Terms and Conditions, etc.

The Non-Horse pages should be combined into one PDF file and uploaded as one file, with the pages in the order you want them to appear (normally, the same order as the printed catalog).