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Edit A Catalog Page

Start Editing Catalog Pages

From the My Sales screen Horse List, you can access your catalog pages to edit once a consignment says Completed in the Processed column. Processing can take up to 5 minutes per consignment.

Note: A catalog page cannot be edited until it says  Completed. If you need a page built on demand, use the Build Catalog Page button on the Edit Catalog Page screen.

To Edit, click the number in the Click To Edit Horse column on the Horse List then click the  Edit Catalog page button located above the tabbed section on that horse's Edit Horse page. You will be taken to the Catalog Page Editor, giving you a preview of the actual catalog page. From here you can hand edit or use our Make-It-Fit option that will edit your page for you.


Hand Editing Individual Paragraphs

To hand edit the individual paragraphs within the pedigree, click anywhere within that paragraph to bring up the text editor. To close the editor, click the Done button. The editor allows you to select all the text, change font, font size, bold or italics and increase or decrease the spacing between words. After editing, be sure to click Done, then Save Changes. 

Note: To undo an edit, simply click the refresh button at the top left-hand corner of your browser.  Please note that this will return your catalog page back to the  last saved version , so be sure to save your work frequently.

Note: If you would like to completely start over, click the  Build Catalog Page button on the  Edit Catalog Page screen.


Using RGP Sire & Dam Records to Hand Edit Catalog Pages

On the Edit Catalog Page, a full set of RGP Sire & Dam Records are provided with each consignment. To view these reports, expand the black box in the lower right side of the Edit Catalog Page named " Complete RGP Records on Sire & Dam" by clicking the circle with a plus sign in it. Then right click on the link " Open" and choose " Open link in new window." This will allow you to view the record side-by-side or on a separate screen from the RGP Catalog Builder for ease of editing.


Increasing or Decreasing the Number of Lines in a Paragraph

There are numerous occasions when you find that you simply have a single line that falls outside of the printable paragraph area. Whenever this occurs, an easy way to reduce the number of lines within a paragraph is to adjust a paragraph’s spacing between words which can allow for more words per line resulting in a reduction of lines required. This works especially well when dealing with larger paragraphs where the number of words on the last line takes up 50% or less of that last line. Click on that paragraph to bring up the editor, then use the Plus and Minus buttons to increase or decrease the word spacing.

Take note that the editor does not show the actual way the paragraph wraps from line to line, so it will not accurately show when you have reduced the spacing enough to gain an extra line. You may need to reduce a couple times, then click Done to see how those changes affected the paragraph. If you have not achieved the desired results, click into the paragraph again and reduce a couple more times, then click Done and check the results. 

This technique also works well when you have pedigrees that do not fully fill in the printable area of the page. You can add lines to paragraphs by increasing the word spacing.

Make sure that whenever you have to increase or decrease the word spacing that your paragraph remains legible and that individual words do not run together.

Note: It’s best to only use these controls in the Editor when increasing or decreasing the Word Spacing only requires a couple clicks. 

Note: The blue line at the bottom of the catalog page is used as a visual guide for the printable area of the pedigree. Any text that extends below that line will not be printed. 

Note: To protect both buyers and sellers, the AQHA/RGP  performance record cannot be changed on the sale horse. If you think a performance record contains an error, please contact RGP immediately. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: After hand editing, you must click  Done on the editor box, then  Save Changes. It must be done in this order. The changes will not save if the editor box is still open and Done has not been selected


Make-It-Fit Option

Make It Fit is offered as an option that you may or may not want to use. If you click “Make It Fit” and are not satisfied with the computer’s edited version of the page, the program offers an “Undo” and free RGP records to allow you to edit the page yourself. To learn more about the Make It Fit option, continue below.


Options Tab

Build Catalog Page - When the family tree is empty, this button will appear and allow you manually instruct the server to perform the research and build your page. 

Refresh Catalog Page - This option will instruct the server to look for any new information and update the paragraphs. Any edits, hand-edits or Make It Fit, will be lost.

Make It Fit - This awesome option will edit your catalog to remove the less relevant info about your horse on the page and leave the most relevant items.

Undo Make It Fit – If you click Make It Fit, but decide instead to hand edit the catalog page, Undo Make It Fit will restore the page to the full length. Undo Make It Fit only works if you have not clicked Save after Make It Fit. If you have saved the Make It Fit edit, click Refresh Catalog Page to restore the full length of the page.

Make Tree Fit - Use this option if red text appears in the family tree. The Make Tree Fit button will automatically correct the spacing to ensure the family tree will fit on the printed page.

Replace Paragraphs - If you checkmark these options, all of the corresponding sire or dam paragraphs present on other horses in the sale will be replaced with the paragraphs displayed on the current catalog page. For example, if you have edited a sire paragraph to your liking, and have multiple entries with the same sire in the sale, you can click to Replace All - sire paragraphs with the one you have just edited.

View\Print - Save any changes first, and then use this option to view the catalog page. Hit Ctrl + P to see a formatted print version.

Replace Sale Horse Performance with "Above" - This button allows you to replace the sale horse's performance record under the dam and in the Sire paragraph with the word "above." This saves space for other performers to be listed. This does not affect the sale horse's actual PERFORMANCE RECORD section.

Add Remove Sire/Dam Paragraph on Save – This allows you to completely remove a sire and/or dam paragraph, including the corresponding sire/dam header. This can be used if the horse’s performance and notes are long enough to fill the entire catalog page and the sire and/or dam paragraphs are not needed. 

Remove Entry's Produce Record - Use this button if you do not want the produce record of a mare or stallion shown on their catalog page.

There are also times when individual elements in the pedigree, simply are too long. You see this most often with the consignor, horse name and the various horses in the family tree. There are controls that allow you to adjust those elements and make them fit. The following topics address those situations.


RGP Sire & Dam Records

You are provided a Top 10 Sire Report and a 2 Dam 4 Generation Dam's Produce Report with each horse that is entered into Catalog Builder. You can use these reports to assist in hand editing the catalog pages. See instructions above in the  Hand Editing Individual Paragraphs section for recommendations on using the RGP Sire & Dam Records provided with each consignment.


Header Tab

Clicking the Plus button on the right side of the Header accordion control brings up the controls for the individual header elements which include the consignor, horse name and year/color/sex.

In addition to Character Spacing, you also have the ability to adjust the Word Spacing. By increasing and decreasing both of these settings using the appropriate Plus and Minus buttons, you can make any of these elements that do not currently fit in the available space, fit along with maintaining the highest level of legibility possible.


Family Tree Tab

Just like the Header Settings, you can also control the Character and Word Spacing for each name within the family tree. As you can see below, each horse’s name within the family tree is represented, and it’s controls are in the same position as in the actual family tree.

Important Note: The family tree must be completed by hand on non-AQHA sale horses before the program will produce a dam's sire paragraph.

Any changes you make will only affect the current pedigree and will not affect any other pages.

Adjust these names as needed the same way as with the header elements.


Notes, Sire & Dam Paragraphs Tab

This tab controls the Character & Word Spacing of the Notes, Sire Paragraph & Dam Paragraph.

If you were not able to achieve the results you desired by adjusting the Word Spacing in the pop-up Editor, this section provides you with Line Spacing control in additional to the individual Character and Word Spacing for each paragraph.





Note: All edits will be lost if you fail to Save your changes!