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Click here for the Job Checklist

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Going to the Printer

Steps 1 – 3 on the Job Checklist should be completed before preparing the Printer’s file

·         From the My Sales page, click the Finalize Catalog tab

o   Click Choose Catalog Layout & Prepare File for Printer

·         Print the entire sale, or a certain session

o   Use the drop-down menu along the top to select a session to print

·         Once you are satisfied with your pages, hit CTRL + P to open the print window

·         In the settings on the left-hand side of the print window, make sure your settings are set to:

o   Destination: Save as PDF

o   Pages: All

o   Margins: Default (under More Settings)

o   Options: Headers & Footers – NOT clicked

o   Options: Background Graphics – Clicked

·         Once the settings are correct, click Save to save onto your computer.

o   This PDF is ready for your printer

·         NOTE: You can combine more than one PDF using a PDF editor, such as Adobe, and send your printer a single, print-ready file to be printed for your catalog


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use the Job Checklist (located on the top bar of every Catalog Builder page) before sending your catalog to the printer