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Catalog Indexes & Covering Sire Paragraphs

Steps 1 - 2 on the Job Checklist should be completed before printing indexes

·         To view your indexes, go to Actions/Catalog Indexes

·         Indexes provided:

o   Consignor Index

o   Sire Index

o   Dam Index

o   Horse Index

o   Covering Sires, Sires of Foals at Side, & Sires of Embryos selling with mares.

o   Photo Gallery Pages

·         NOTE: Consignor, Horse, Sire, & Dam Indexes will display on the QData Catalog App.

o   Covering Sire and Gallery Index pages must be included in your Non-Horse pages PDF.

·        Editing Indexes

o   Open the index and click within the text

§  The text editor box will open

§  Click Close Editor after editing is done

·         NOTE: Your text changes will NOT be saved or made anywhere else within the program. Changes are only saved globally when made on the horse’s worksheet.

o   Print to PDF immediately after making changes (see below for Printing Indexes instructions). Changes made directly to the index page by hand will not be saved.

o   To make large changes to the bulk of the text, use a PDF editing program, such as Adobe Acrobat DC, Nitro Pro or Cute PDF Professional.

§  Instructions for Adobe PDF:

·         Open your saved PDF index

·         Click Tools

·         Click Edit PDF

·         Use your mouse to click and drag over the section of text needing moved

·         Once the text is outlined in a blue box, hover over the edge of the box until you see a 4-way arrow

·         Drag the text to a new location

·        Adding/Editing Covering Sire Paragraphs

o   The Catalog Builder automatically produces covering sire paragraphs for AQHA covering sires, sires of foals at side, and sires of embryos selling at side.

§  It DOES NOT WRITE APHA or APHC paragraphs, which have to be written by the user.

o   To edit an existing paragraph:

§  Select the stallion from the drop-down menu on the Catalog Indexes page

§  Click Open Selected

§  Save after making your changes

o   To write Non-AQHA paragraphs

§  Click Add\Edit Non-QH Covering Sire

§  A text editor will open allowing you to type your own covering sire paragraph for Paints and Appaloosas.

§  Type the sire’s name in the “Enter Sire Name” field above the text editor

§  Save after creating your paragraph

·         NOTE: We suggest using the existing AQHA paragraphs as a formatting reference for creating your own Non-AQHA paragraphs.

·        Printing Indexes

o   After opening and editing (if desired) your index, you are ready to print.

o   Hit the CTRL + P keys on your keyboard to open the print window.

o   In the settings on the left-hand side of the print window, make sure your settings are set to:

§  Destination: Save as PDF

§  Pages: All

§  Margins: Default (under More Settings)

§  Options: No boxes clicked (under More Settings)

o   Once the settings are correct, click Save to save onto your computer.

§  This PDF is ready for your printer