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Click here for the Job Checklist

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Printing Stall Cards

Steps 1 – 6 on the Job Checklist should be completed before printing stall cards

·         From the My Sales screen

o   Click Actions

o   Click Stall Card Printer File

o   Choose stall card size (11x17 or 18x24)

§  A print preview screen will display the fully formatted stall cards

·         If the print window did not open, hit CTRL + P on your keyboard

§  Make sure your settings match the settings below:

·         Destination: Save as PDF

·         Pages: All

·         Margins: Default (Under More Settings)

·         Options:

o   Unclick Headers and footers

o   Click Background graphics

§  Once your settings are correct:

·         Click the Save button and save to your computer

·         This PDF is ready to be sent to your printer