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Click here for the Job Checklist

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Proofing Report

Make sure all prior steps on the Job Checklist are completed before using the Proofing Report

·         This page lists consignments with missing or incorrect information

·         From the My Sales screen, click Actions

o   Click Proofing Report

§  Consignments with missing, mismatched, or incorrect information is listed

·         Grouped by type of information that needs addressed

·         The following information is displayed:

o   Horse Name

o   Description of issue

o   Hip Number

o   3 links for easy access: (see below for more information)

§  View Page - Gives you a preview of the printed page

§  Edit Consignment Info - Takes you to the Horse’s Worksheet screen where you can add or correct any missing or incorrect information

§  Edit Catalog Page - Takes you to the Edit Catalog Page screen where you can edit other aspects of the catalog page

o   Date last updated

o   Original page date


o   If a consignment has more than one issue you will find it multiple times on this screen – once for each issue it has

o   If consignor, date of birth, color, sex or family tree need altered, you will need to go back to the Edit Consignment Info page, make your correction, and hit Save Consignment Info.