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Internet Sale Preview

View an example of the Internet Sale Preview the Catalog Builder automatically creates.

·         Catalog Pages, uploaded photos and video links automatically appear

·         The catalog page appears in preview format until you’re ready to make it public

·         The color scheme can be customized

·         Presentation is real-time

·         Columns can be sorted

·         Web page is searchable


Customize Sale Preview Colors

·         Click the Edit Current Sale on the My Sales page

·         Click on the Internet Sale Preview tab

·         Go to Customize Color Scheme

§  Click on a box to change each color.

·         Choose a basic color on the left, or use the color selection window and slider to create a custom color.

§  Once a color is selected, click “OK”

§  As you play with colors, view your changes by clicking the Internet Sale Preview button to the right.

§  After all colors are customized, click Save Sale Info at the bottom of the screen

Upload Sale Company Logo & Sponsor Logo

·         Click the Edit Current Sale on the My Sales page

·         Click on the Internet Sale Preview tab

·         Logos can be JPG or PNG files up to 500px wide.

§  PDF files will not work.

·         Click the Choose File button and choose your logo from the files saved on your computer

§  After you see your file name to the right of the Choose File button, click Upload Sale Logo

§  Click Save Sale Info at the bottom of your screen

§  Your logo should appear on the right side of your screen

·         Repeat for the Sponsor Logo, if desired

§  The Sponsor Logo will appear on Stall Cards


Make the Internet Preview Public

·         After horses are entered, go to Actions on the My Sales page

§  Click the Internet Sale Preview tab

·         Copy the web page's URL onto the location you want it to appear:

o   Your web site

o   Social media

o   Emails

o   Texts


Show Catalog Notes on Internet

·         The Internet Sale Preview hides the Notes column until you are ready for the public to see it.

§  To make the Notes column public, go to Edit Current Sale on My Sales

·         Click the Internet Sale Preview tab

o   Click the Show Catalog Notes on Internet button

Show the Entire Catalog Page on the Internet Preview

·         The entire catalog page is not shown on the Internet Preview until you tell the program to show it.

§  This is to allow you to edit pages and make sure you are happy with them before showing them to the public

·         When you have finalized the sale horse pages and want to reveal the complete, finished pages to the public,

§  Go to Edit Current Sale on the My Sales page

·         Click the Internet Sale Preview Tab

o   Click the Send Final Pages to Internet button

§  If you would like to make a single horse’s page live

·         Go to that horse’s worksheet

·         Click the Send Catalog Page to Sale Preview check-box

·         Click Save Sale Info


Add a Complete PDF Version of the Catalog to your Internet Preview

·         When your printer can send you a complete PDF of the entire catalog, go to Edit Sale/Internet Sale Preview

·         NOTE: The PDF must be a low-resolution web-ready version, and NOT the print-ready version

§  Click on Upload Complete PDF

§  Click on Choose File, then find the file on your computer

·         The filename will appear next to the Choose File box.

·         Click Upload Final PDF

o   The complete PDF will then be available on your Internet Preview