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Photo Management

·         Each horse can have 1 photo uploaded to its page.

o   Photos can be added at anytime

·         ALL photos are included in the Internet Sale Preview

·         Print-Quality photos ONLY (see Photo Specifications below) can also be included in a Photo Gallery Index (see below) and on the Catalog Page

·        Photo Specifications

o   For a Printed Page

§  Minimum 1,025 pixels wide (or tall)

§  Minimum 150 DPI

§  Flat JPG or PNG

§  Appears on: Internet Sale Preview, Photo Gallery Index, Newsprint Preview, Catalog Page

§  Note: A low-resolution version will be used in the Internet Sale Preview, but your printed pages will use the high-resolution photo

§  Note: Black Type pedigree pages do not include a photo. Photos can be displayed using the Photo Gallery Index.

o   For Web Use ONLY

§  Minimum 1,000 pixels wide (or tall)

§  Minimum 70 DPI

§  Flat JPG or PNG

§  Appears on: Internet Sale Preview, Photo Gallery Index, Newsprint Preview

o   How to determine photo size

§  Open the file folder on your computer containing your photos

·         Right-click on the photo

·         Click Properties

o   The photo file size will be displayed

o   Maximum photo file size is 10 megabytes

·         Click Details

o   The dimensions (width & height) and resolution (dpi) will be displayed

o   How to resize a photo

§  Open photo in Microsoft Paint, or a similar artist’s program

·         Click Resize, then choose Pixels as measurement

o   The horizontal (wide) and vertical (tall) number of pixels will display

o   Naming your photos

§  Make the file-name all one word

·         Do NOT leave spaces in the name

·         Do NOT use any “non-character” symbols (such as &, $, @, etc.)

§  Photos uploaded with the Single\Multi Image Uploader MUST have the Hip Number or Sale ID as the file name

·         Example: Use the file-name “10.jpg” for Hip Number 10


§  Photos MUST be landscape-oriented to display the full photo.

§  Photos that do not meet the above specifications can NOT be used.

·        Resizing A Photo

o   Click Here for photo resizing instructions.

·        Single Photos

o   Add a photo as you create an entry, or go back to add at any time

o   On the My Sales page, select the horse you want to add a photo to

§  Click the Photos\Videos tab

§  Click the Choose File button and select the photo from your computer

·         The file name will replace the “No file chosen” text – make sure you chose the correct file

§  Click Save Chosen Image – a thumbnail of your photo should appear

§  Click Save Consignment Info


§  If your photo does not meet the Print-Quality specifications (see above), a pop-up will warn you

§  Delete photos on the Photos\Videos tab

·        Multi Photo Uploader

o   On the My Sales page, click Actions

§  Click Import Consignments

·         At the bottom of the page, click the button that says Click Here To Upload Images

o   To upload your images:

§  Make sure your images are saved in this format: HipNumber.jpg or HipNumber.png

·         Substitute “HipNumber” with your actual Hip Number or Sale ID

·         Do NOT include a pound sign (#)

·         Example: 10.jpg (for Hip Number 10)

§  Click the button that says Click here to select Photos

§  Choose your images

·         MAXIMUM of 25 photos can be uploaded at one time

§  Choose if your photos are named for Hip Number or Sale ID

·         Choose ONE of these options - once chosen, it cannot be changed

§  Once uploading is complete, click Add Uploaded Photos

§  When you are finished, use the back button to return to your sale


§  Files that over are 10M in size will NOT be uploaded

§  Files that are not named correctly will NOT be uploaded

§  You can check the Internet Sale Preview to make sure all photos uploaded correctly

·        Video Management

o   Videos must first be uploaded to a third-party provider such as or

§  DO NOT link to videos on Social Media pages that require the viewer to be logged in, such as Facebook

o   On the My Sales page, select the horse you want to add a photo to

§  Click the Photos\Videos tab

·         Copy and paste the video’s URL into the Video (Paste URL) field

o   Click Save Consignment Info

o   Videos can be viewed on your Internet Sale Preview page

·        Photo Gallery Index

o   All horses with photos of Print-Quality will be displayed in this Index

§  Includes their Name, Hip Number, Consignor, and Sire/Dam

o   See Editing & Printing Indexes instructions for more information

o   NOTE: This Index is NOT available on the QData Catalog App

Note: All information will be lost if you fail to click Save Sale Info!