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Reference Stallion Pedigrees

·         The difference between Reference Sires and Covering Sires:

o   Reference Sire pages: A complete catalog page (depending on which pedigree type is chosen) on each sire that the sale creator wishes to highlight with a more in-depth pedigree page in the catalog.

o   These pages incur the same charge as the sale horse pages

o   Covering Sire, Foal at Side and Embryo at Side paragraphs: A paragraph about a stallion that is a) designated as bred to a mare, b) siring a foal selling at side, or c) siring an embryo selling with a mare in the catalog.

o   These paragraphs are automatically built at no charge by the program

·        Steps for Obtaining Reference Sire Pedigree Pages

o   A “Reference Sires” session is provided in the Edit Current Sale Information screen

o   Choose your pedigree type in the drop-down menu and Save Sale Info

o   Multiple Reference Sire sessions can be added if more than one page type is desired

·         Name the sessions differently (Example: Ref Sire 1, Ref Sire 2)

o   Any stallions that are given a Reference Sire page should have “Reference Sire” as their session name

o   The top of these pages will say “Reference Sire”

o   The “Reference Sire” section can be printed to a PDF or exported to an .RTF just like the sale horses (see Reports & Exports instructions)

o   Remove “Hip Number” and “Consigned by” manually

o   The entire family tree can be removed manually if no family tree is desired

o   If you won’t use the Reference Sire session, delete the session or simply leave it empty.