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Creating Personal Use Pages

Inspect ALL pages in the "Edit Catalog Page" view to verify they fit ABOVE the blue line & the text is NOT red

·         Creating Personal Use Pages is no different than creating a Sale Catalog

·         To remove the Hip Number and Consigned By lines:

o   For a single personal use page:

§  From your My Sales page, click Edit Current Sale Information

§  Check the “Don’t display consignor” and “Don’t display Hip Numbers” boxes

§  Click Save Sale Info

§  Go to your Horse’s Worksheet and Edit Catalog Page

§  After editing, click View\Print to save to PDF

o   For multiple personal use pages:

§  From your My Sales page, under Finalize Catalog click Choose Layout & Prepare File for Printer

§  Click on the information you would like to remove and use the Backspace on your keyboard

§  After editing, press CTRL + P on your keyboard to save to PDF

·         Personal pages cannot be submitted to the QData Catalog App

o   Only pages with Hip Numbers can be submitted to the App