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Paints, Appaloosas and Other Non-Quarter Horses

·         The Catalog Builder allows for inclusion and management of Non-Quarter Horse sale entries

o   Includes QData Database research on Non-Quarter Horses

·         CLONES: If you need to research a clone, please contact the QData office. Email is or call (405) 262-3244. An additional hand-research fee will apply.

·         Research NOT furnished (must be hand-entered):

o   Non-Quarter Horse family trees (APHA, ApHC, TB, Unregistered, etc.)

o   Non-Quarter Horse breed points and show achievement awards (ApHC ROM, APHA Champion, etc.)

o   Thoroughbred racing information, unless results are from an official AQHA race

§  The system alerts the user when a sale horse’s parent or grandparent is a thoroughbred

o   Non-Quarter Horse research links:

§  APHA Research:

§  ApHC Research:

§  Thoroughbred Research: (use the Quarter Horse system)

   ·      To add/edit page text on a Black Type non-Quarter horse:

o   Right click on Edit Catalog Page screen and use popup to add sire, dams & foals.

·         For example to add 1st dam, use “Add 1st Dam Header”

·         Replace “HorseName” with 1st dams name and type in dam’s information.

·         Replace “FoalName” with 1st dam’s best foal and type in foal’s information.

·         Use “Add Horse” to add additional foals (choose indent tag)

§  Type additional foals as you wish them to appear.

§  Choose tag that applies to that foals relation to the dam.

§  i1 = dam’s foals

§  i2 = dam’s grandfoals

§  i3 = dam’s great grandfoals

o   Repeat steps above for each dam you are adding to page.


Adding Consignments

·         Be absolutely sure to choose the correct breed on parents of non-quarter horses and unregistered horses.

o   If you leave the breed AQHA when it’s a paint, the wrong sire or dam will come into the catalog.

·         All information on non-AQHA horses must be hand-entered

o   Enter the registration number (if registered), horse name, and choose the breed from the drop-down menu

§  Type ONLY horse’s name in the Horse Name field.

o   Enter the year foaled in a 4-digit format (Example: 2018)

o   Complete the information on the Horse Info page, choosing the correct breed for the sire, dam and dam’s sire

§  Click Save Consignment Info.

§  Click on the Enter\Edit Family Tree button

·         Hand-type the missing family tree information, choosing the correct breed on each name.

o   Note: JC on APHA papers = TB or thoroughbred.

o   If the horse’s breed is not listed (example: Shetland pony), select "Other" as the breed type.

·         Double Registered AQHA/APHA

o   QData/QData/AQHA will not be held responsible for knowing a horse is double-registered.

§  If double-registration has been discovered, it’s noted in the QData Database. Double-registered paints recorded in the QData Database default to the AQHA name, but APHA information recorded by QData will be included.

o   If known, use the AQHA name and registration number and leave the breed code on the default AQHA setting

§  If AQHA name and registration number is entered, click the Find (AQHA Only) button

§  Do not add any suffix to the horse’s name, such as (APHA) or (P)

§  AQHA names should also be used on known double registered parents

o   Note the double registration in the Notes box on the Consignor/Notes page

·         Breeding Information

o   You only need to complete the fields that apply to the sale horse.

o    If mare has embryos selling with her, complete this section” apples ONLY if the embryos are selling with the mare in a package

o   Foal at side’s sex will appear on the page exactly as it is typed in the Foal Sex field.

o   Enter Open or Not Bred status in the Catalog Notes

o   The Catalog Builder automatically writes covering sire paragraphs for AQHA covering sires, foal-at-side sires, and embryo-at side sires.

§  Non-Quarter Horse paragraphs must be manually written for the Covering Sire Reference. See more information on the Editing and Printing an Index instructions page.

·         Produce Tab (Black Type Pedigree Only). Produce will appear on the catalog page:

o   List all non-AQHA foals

§  If the foal was conceived by embryo transfer, click the check-box at the far right.

Adding/Editing Covering Sire Paragraphs

·         The Catalog Builder automatically produces covering sire paragraphs for AQHA covering sires, sires of foals at side, and sires of embryos selling at side.

o   It DOES NOT WRITE APHA or APHC paragraphs, which have to be written by the user.

·         To edit an existing paragraph:

o   Select the stallion from the drop-down menu on the Catalog Indexes page

o   Click Open Selected

o   Save after making your changes

·         To write Non-AQHA paragraphs

o   Click Add\Edit Non-QH Covering Sire

o   A text editor will open allowing you to type your own covering sire paragraph for Paints and Appaloosas.

o   Type the sire’s name in the “Enter Sire Name” field above the text editor

o   Save after creating your paragraph

§  NOTE: We suggest using the existing AQHA paragraphs as a formatting reference for creating your own Non-AQHA paragraphs.