Sessions can be created on the Edit Current Sale Information section. The sessions need a name, description, and date and time. You will also need to choose the pedigree page type for the session. 

When adding horses, you will need to choose the appropriate session from the drop down menu on the Edit Horse Information page.


Reference Sire Pages

Covering Sires & Reference Sires are different.

   - Covering Sire paragraphs are not Reference Sire pages.

   - Covering sires paragraphs are the program building a paragraph on EVERY covering sire (stallions that appear as a “BRED to” on a catalog page).

   - Reference Sires pages are built on sires that the sale creator wishes to highlight and have a more in depth pedigree page on for the catalog.

Steps for Reference Sires

The “Reference sires” session can be built on the Edit Current Sale Information page.

   - You have to enter the stallions you want reference sire pages on as a “session”

Add Reference Sire Session.

Pick from pedigree type choices in drop down menu for Reference Sire pages.

Multiple Reference Sire sessions can be added if more than one page type is desired.

   - Name them differently (example: Ref Sire 1, Ref Sire 2)

When adding the reference sires to the sale, choose Reference Sire (or however you named it) from Session dropdown list.

In the Catalog Layout Editor, the top of these pages will say Reference Sire.

The “Reference Sire” session can be exported to .RTF just like sale horses, for graphic design, etc. along with the rest of the sale.

   - For now, Hip Number & “Consigned by” will need removed by hand from text.

   - Entire family tree can be remove here also if no tree is desired.