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Creating A New Catalog and Editing Its Information



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Before You Begin

·         Click the Instructions button along the top of your screen and follow them.

·         Click the Job Checklist button along the top of your screen, which guides you through the process and links each task to the instructions.

·         If you don’t access these two services and use them, you will have a much harder time producing your catalog.

Getting Started on a New Catalog

·         Log into your account, which brings you to the My Sales page. This is your “Home” page.

o   If you think you may be eligible to sign a volume discount contract, call 405-262-3244.

·         Click the Add New Sale button on the left side of your screen to start a new sale.

o   Read the contract and click Agree to continue

·         Examine the pedigree type examples, examine the price list, and choose your default pedigree.

o   The pedigree type chosen cannot be changed once a catalog page has been built.

o   If using the Black Type Pedigree, choose your sale type from two options:

§  Show Horses, or

§  Barrel Horses

·         Each uses a different black type system

o   You can include multiple pedigree types in your catalog by creating Sessions and choosing a different pedigree type for each session.


·         Do not begin your catalog more than 60 days prior to print date.

o   The catalog will be available, but it will not be editable after 60 days.

·         Multiple users can work at the same time using the same login & password

·         Once your sale is created, you can edit this information any time by clicking Edit Current Sale Information

·         Your catalog is not created until you click Save Sale Info. If you fail to click the Save Sale Info button, you will have to create the sale again.


Editing Current Sale Information – Tab 1 Basic Info

·         After creating your new sale, use the Edit Current Sale Information button on the My Sales page to return to the tabs that allow you to edit your sale information.

·         The basic sale information can be edited throughout your catalog production process

·         Sessions

o   The program creates a Main Session automatically as your default session

§  Pedigree types cannot be changed on a horse with an existing page. If you want to move a horse to a session with a different pedigree type:

·         Withdraw the horse

·         Re-enter the horse in the new session. You will be charged for the horse again.

·         Call 405-262-3244 if you feel you need a cost adjustment.

o   New sessions can be added

§  Click Add Session

§  Name your session

§  Include a description if desired

§  Enter the date and time of the session if desired

§  Choose the pedigree type for that session

§  If you are using sessions, choose the correct session on each horse’s worksheet, or in the import spreadsheet

§  The Main Sale Session can be deleted if you only want named sessions.


§  You can add sessions to your catalog at any time.

§  If sessions are used, the correct session must be assigned to every sale horse

§  Always click the Save Sale button before exiting the page.

Editing Current Sale Information - Tab 2 App Info and Builder

·         The RGP Catalog App is free to all users

o   Available for iPhones, iPads, Android phones, & Android tablets

o   Search for RGP Catalog App on iTunes or Google Play.

·         Photos and video links automatically upload to the App.

·         Ads can be placed on the main sale page, horse pages, and index pages.

·         See the App Info & Builder instruction page for more detailed information

Editing Current Sale Information - Tab 3 Internet Sale Preview

·         The Internet Sale Preview provides an instant Internet presentation. See the Internet Sale Preview instructions for more information.

·         On the Internet Sale Preview page you can customize a color scheme for your online presentation.

Editing Current Sale Information - Tab 4 Sale Results

·         After the sale is over, one, or both, of the below options can be used to display your sale results

·         Upload Sale Results

o   Upload sale results using a provided Excel template to display results directly on your Internet Sale Preview list

·         Upload PDF Results

o   Upload sale results in PDF format and display a link on the top, right-hand corner of the Internet Sale Preview page





Creating Personal Use Pages

Inspect ALL pages in the "Edit Catalog Page" view to verify they fit ABOVE the blue line & the text is NOT red

·         Creating Personal Use Pages is no different than creating a Sale Catalog

·         To remove the Hip Number and Consigned By lines:

o   For a single personal use page:

§  From your My Sales page, click Edit Current Sale Information

§  Check the “Don’t display consignor” and “Don’t display Hip Numbers” boxes

§  Click Save Sale Info

§  Go to your Horse’s Worksheet and Edit Catalog Page

§  After editing, click View\Print to save to PDF

o   For multiple personal use pages:

§  From your My Sales page, under Finalize Catalog click Choose Layout & Prepare File for Printer

§  Click on the information you would like to remove and use the Backspace on your keyboard

§  After editing, press CTRL + P on your keyboard to save to PDF

·         Personal pages cannot be submitted to the RGP Catalog App

o   Only pages with Hip Numbers can be submitted to the App